Saturday, April 16, 2016

Favorite Characters, Favorite Lines: N is for Noland

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Another day, another letter....Give me an A! Give me a B! Yada yada yada ... N!  

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In the movie Cast Away, Chuck Noland is a FedEx executive who is all about time and efficiency with barely enough time for family - or his fiance, played by Helen Hunt (hey, she was here yesterday). When his plane crashes in the Pacific, Noland is stranded on an uninhabited island, unless you count the soccer ball he befriends, Wilson. Four long years later, he finally returns to civilization. Things have changed, his fiance - though she still loves him - has moved on and started a family. But hope springs eternal, as the saying goes...

N is for Noland!

Time rules over us without mercy. Not caring if we’re healthy or ill. Hungry or drunk. Russian, American, beings from Mars. It’s like a fire, it could either destroy us or it could keep us warm. That’s why every FedEx office has a clock, because we live or we die by the clock. We never turn our back on it and we never ever allow ourselves the sin of losing track of time.

I absolutely, positively have to get to Memphis tonight. 
Pilot Jack: Cannot help you. Try UPS.

Hey, is all this turbulence from Santa and those eight tiny reindeer.

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Noland: Look what I have created. I have made fire. I have made fire!

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Noland: You’ve gotta love crab. In the nick of time too. I couldn’t take much more of those coconuts. Coconut milk is a natural laxative. Things that Gilligan never told us. We’ve made real fire, huh, Wilson. So, Wilson?

[in the cave trying to sleep] Noland looks at Wilson:
You still awake? Me too. You scared? Me too.

Noland [Launching his "boat"]: Okay. Here we go, Wilson. You don’t 
have to worry about anything. I’ll do all the paddling. You just hang on.

Noland and Wilson are separated in the ocean:
Wilson! I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Wilson. Wilson, 
I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Wilson! I can’t! Wilson! Wilson!

I never should’ve gotten on that plane. I never should’ve gotten out of the car.

And I know what I have to do now. I gotta keep breathing, because 
tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?


  1. Yeah! I've seen this movie several times!

  2. Great quotes from a very good movie. I loved that ending that he is at the crossroads and you are left with the feeling he will travel down the road to the angel wings. Love Wilson!

  3. I don't know how you do this! I watch a movie and no matter how great the line sounds, how it touches me or makes me laugh, the next day I could not tell you the line. I just don't pay that much attention. It's like a cherry, I take it, enjoy it and then spit the pit out.
    Revisit the Tender Years with me during the #AtoZChallenge at Life & Faith in Caneyhead!

  4. Hell yeah this was a good movie just saying

  5. I like your choice for today.
    How very clever to find all the photos and quotes. You picked some very clever ones !

    cheers, parsnip

  6. It's such an extraordinary experience. (Even if Matt Damon does him several better in The Martian. Because, science.)

  7. I really appreciated how, when he was on the island, the soundtrack completely stopped. That it was just him, the wind and the ocean. And the music doesn't pick up again until he escapes the island. One of my favorite movies. Even if I felt stupid tearing up over a vollyball.
    Visiting from A to Z

  8. That's a great film. I need to re-watch it. Poor Mr. Wilson. I almost cried when Wilson drowned at sea. Wait, no. See? Even I started to forget it wasn't a real person. It was kind of interesting to see how unhinged he was becoming. Tom Hanks, I mean.


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