Friday, May 27, 2016

Flashback Friday with Michael D'Agostino

Sometimes, you just want to go back. So, do it!

Michael D'Agostino is the ringleader for a new initiative. It's called Flashback Friday - a time of the month where you can republish and old post of yours that maybe didn't get enough attention, or that you're really proud of, or you think is still relevant etc.  Personally, I think that is a brilliant idea.

Here's an oldie but...well, it's an oldie...

Bubble Busters #1: "Everything will work out fine in the end..."

I love people, but some days I just hate group efforts. As I strive to be a team player and support a leader but I find that I silently question the validity of decisions - and I don't speak up. Why? Because I don't want to be the one who isn't a team player, of course!   Where some of my cohorts are optimistic or pessimistic, some are just clueless about their lack of experience or inability to coordinate a group.

They don't realize how much you learn just by putting in the years - something that all flipsters know. 
It's one of the few flipster benefits that keeps on giving, till Alzheimers arrives.

Recently, when confronted with a situation that appeared to have all the markings of your classic huge mistake in judgement, a friend took it upon herself to remind us all that in spite of her very bad idea, rife with miscalculations and shoddy logic, every should proceed full speed ahead. Yay, team!

Why?  "Because everything will work out fine in the end," we were reminded by my clueless optimistic chick-jester; only she wasn't jesting. And her big plans crashed at her feet and she was devastated., not shocking at all!  Life decisions are about stacking things in your FAVOR, not taking a lackadaisical attitude toward outcomes. You don't always get three swings at the ball, player.

You don't have to be a history buff to test this hypothesis. The fact that occasionally things do work out, against all odds, merely fuels this delusion. In the words of my father, Fred:  "Even a broken clock is correct twice a day." But that doesn't make everyone run out and buy a broken clock.

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you that everything might NOT be fine in the end.  Eternal optimists everywhere, I don't want to squash your view of the world.  Persistent pessimists, you may be correct every now and then.  "Everything will be fine in the end" is a comforting comment that does not always hold up, either in practice or historically.

And so, I dub this the Bubble Buster #1, because we just want it to be true, don't we?  I'll close with these historical reminders of the ever present hammer of truth.  I have to wonder if these individuals had the same thought:

"I know there's tension between us, but I think everything will be fine after today's meeting.  They're reasonable men and I'm a god on earth.  Besides, Brutus will be there."   [Julius Caesar, on the way to the Senate before his March 15, 44 BC assassination]

"Rectina needs a ride home...I'm taking a ship to go save her.  I hear that volcano is an awesome spectacle!"
[Pliny the Elder, who died on the shore near Herculaneum during the 69 AD eruption of Vesuvius]

"Attack the English Navy, we rule the sea."
[Departing Spanish Armada, 1588, just prior to their defeat by the English Navy]

"Burr is an awful shot. This is a cakewalk." 
[Alexander Hamilton, 1804...snarking pre-duel. Burr disagreed.]

"Next stop: RUSSIA!" 
[Napoleon Bonaparte, 1812, shortly before he lost nearly all
 his troops to the Russian army...and the Russian winter.]

"Come on...they're just Indians. We're the US Calvary." 
[General Custer, June, 1876, on the way to Little Big Horn]

"Let's take the shortcut through the mountains."  
[Donner Party, 1846, reduced to cannibalism when they became snowbound in the Sierra Nevadas]

"I'm not really in the mood for a play." 
[Abe Lincoln, departing for the Ford's Theater]

"Hey, let's be on the maiden voyage of that ship! All the movers and shakers will be there !" 
[Everyone on the Titanic, April 1912]

"Hey, let's travel by blimp!" 
[Everyone on the Hindenburg, May 6, 1937]

"Napoleon had the right idea!  Next stop: SOVIET UNION!" 
[Adolf Hitler, promoting Operation Barbarossa, prior to invading the Soviet Union
 and suffering such a devastating loss that many say this was the reason 
Germany lost in WWII.  Bad ideas are not necessarily bad for everyone.]

"Hawaii is passe...let's vacation in Indonesia. " 
[Tourists, 2004, staying in Sumatra at the time 
of the biggest tsunami of recorded history.]


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  1. No comments on the first time? How could that be? Anyway, here's a modified saying that I think reflects the truth a little better. 'Just do it, and really screw things up.'

    1. I posted the "Flashback Friday" just shy of midnight on Friday, ha ha. Technically...still Friday.

      More and more, I like the way you think, Mike.

  2. That was a fun post! I'm glad you reposted it.

  3. Eternal optimists, take heed! ☺ Much better to be a pragmatist. With age comes wisdom, yes?

    1. Amen, sister! You're exactly right. Thanks, Deb!

  4. Your "quotations" at the end are hilarious. I know that's what the Donner Party said because I refused to go with them. I am not a team player. I'm a bad girl, the independent type who says "you will end up as dinner." I was going to participate in this and didn't sign up and didn't get my post up and didn't do this and didn't do that. At least my nails are done, fingers and toes. A nice bright pink.


    1. would have been right when you warned them they might end up as dinner. It would have been validating...and you missed it.

      Thumbs up on the colorful digits. ;-)

  5. I love your quotes :-) Group think can be dangerous at times. It can be hard to be the lone person suggesting something different or acting as a the devil's advocate when everyone else is gung ho on an idea and think that it can't possibly fail.

    1. For some reason, I'm pulled into that position from time to time.

      Thanks, Ellen!

  6. You'll probably get more out of this bloghop than anyone else. Interesting fact: The only people that died in the Hindenberg crash were the people who panicked and jumped ship while it was still in the air.

    1. ...and the only people who died on the Titanic were the people who bought tickets. Trivia - cool!

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  9. >>... It's one of the few flipster benefits that keeps on giving, till Alzheimers arrives.

    DOC CHERDO, that is exactly, precisely, completely RIGHT!
    (Uhm... remind me again... what is "Alzheimer's"?)

    >>... You don't always get three swings at the ball, player.

    But then again, sometimes you DO!...
    And you miss all three times. (That's called a "strikeout". I accomplished it MANY times, both in baseball games, life, and meat market bars.)

    ~ D-FensdogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    POSTSCRIPT: I hit this comment outta the park on my third swing. Third time's a cha-- homer.

    1. The third swing humor caused me to snork out coffee, mid-guffaw. Totally worth it. Bwahahahaha...

  10. This is so true, Cherdo! And even though I consider myself an optimist, I still struggle with depression and when someone says, "Everything will be O.K." annoys me, because firstly, they do not know this for sure, and secondly, I consider it to be a cop out. Listening and empathizing is so much more effective, as well as love and kindness. Sending you much love and warm hugs, my cherished friend. :)

    1. In nursing school, we were told to NEVER say that. As you can imagine, the trust between a patient and caregiver could crumble with such a prediction (when wrong!).

      You are a perfect listener and empathizer - nailed it! Love and blessings, buddy.

  11. When I work alone it's an inner debate that I always win and when everything turns out wrong nobody else is pointing the finger at me. Famous last words--such fun.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I'm in a constant state of inner debate and I'd like to turn it off. It's exhausting at times.

      Thanks, Lee!

  12. I certainly wont be bursting any bubbles because this is just the kind of repost I like.

    Very witty and humorous. For a moment, I thought I was checking out some flash fiction. I remember what I used to think flash fiction was until somebody told me it had nothing to do with flashing.

    Thank you for this and your thoughtful comment on Chrys' blog.


    1. Thanks, Gary! I'm still not sure about flash fiction. :-)

      Enjoyed Chrys'post and I'll be stopping by your blog soon.

  13. Nice. I like the Caesar "quote" especially.

    1. Thanks, Squidbuddy!

      Off topic comment:
      Have you heard the theory that Brutus was Caesar's son?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. No I had not heard that theory! If true - wow!

  14. Loved this post, including all the great quotes at the end. It's true that not everything works out in the end - this thinking has led many a person down the wrong garden path...

  15. Good point. If you're going to do something important, plan and prepare.

    Oh, and that two of the same comment thing? I think it may happen when you back click several times after commenting. I stopped back clicking to get to my page. I just reload it. It does take longer though.

  16. Ha, that's a great post! And so true. So... you're telling me we aren't the next J.K. Rowling, and we won't be batting away movie deals left and right while basking in billions of dollars? Psssh, come on, everything's going to turn out great.


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