Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Staycation in the Cherdo Nation

Surgeries, lawn care, paperwork, VBS, new grief, buying a house, selling a much-loved house (it's time), packing up a house, electrical work that zaps me of electricitiy for a day, your basic day-to-day stuff and general feeling of "whew!" followed by "dang...there's more..." leads me to make the executive decision to take a staycation. We all need one from time to time, and buddy - this is the time. 

I wish it meant I wouldn't be doing anything. That would be the icing on the cake.

Hope this is a great BOTB day for everyone, I'll be back in July with more tales from the flipside.

Seemed like a good pic for "bone tired." 
Hugs and love!


  1. Have a nice break, although with everything on your list it doesn't sound like that much of a break. I got worn out just thinking about all that stuff.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. Rest up, refresh yourselves, unwind (even while running around like a nut) and catch your breath. I had to do it myself, and it was a good decision. I look forward to seeing you in July.

  3. Thinking about you as you go through all of these changes. Hang in there. It will all turn out fantastic (eventually!). We'll miss you, but we'll still be here. Well, I won't be here in July, but I'll be back in mid-August. Write me at camp!!!

  4. I hope you can rest and enjoy your staycation.

  5. Lady Cherdo, I resemble your remarks, and almost jumped off the band-wagon myself! But I really have looked forward to this particular showdown between versions. YOU are excused, my friend.

    Love the pic! Love & hugs back to you!

  6. Sometimes, you just need to catch up on life.

  7. "packing up a house"
    I would need two 40 yard dumpsters to accomplish that.

  8. Have a great staycation. Have a margaritta and try to relax, even a little bit.

  9. Lol on your picture! So cute! Bone tired I totally get. You deserve a good long staycation! We'll miss you in the BOTB but will look forward to your return Cherdo!
    Have fun!!! And be good to yourself!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  10. You always remain so cheerful and hard working under pressure. You never cease to impress me. A "there, there" and pat on the shoulder to the bored boy.


  11. That skeleton and I are wearing the exact same footwear. How embarrassing. One of us is going to have to change.

    Enjoy your staycation! We hope you return well rested and invigorated.

  12. Goodness I missed the selling of the house and the new house. So much going on.
    You take care and hopefully get a few late morning sleepins.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  13. You sure have a lot going on! Good luck with the sale and the move. Looking forward to your return. Cheers!

  14. What's all this?!
    I didn't get a memo. I don't recall a board meeting being called. This is COMPLETELY against regulations and it transgresses at least 666 BOTB HOA rules!

    "Cherdo On The... DARKSIDE"???

    Well, we'll just have to see about this.
    Look, DOC, don't think you've heard the last about this. There WILL be repercussions. Maybe even CON-cussions. You don't just waltz in and out of the BOTB "FAMILY" as you please.

    ------ *Calling Rocco* ------

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  15. Looking forward to your return!

  16. Hi Cherdo,

    A lot of major upheaval in your life. Try and have some relaxation time. Take care and here's to July.


  17. I hope you do manage to find time to relax. Take care.

  18. Selling a house? Yeah, you need a break. Definitely.

  19. Dearest Cherdo, please make sure you find some time for yourself...relax time. Love and hugs to you, my friend.

  20. Oh wowzers....that is a lot! Never mind still caring for your son and the worries of that as well. Take care and stay healthy!

  21. That's a huge list! I'd be bone tired too. Wishing you a bit of rest on your work-filled staycation. :)

  22. I'm with you... not enough hours in the day for blogging.

  23. Look forward to your return, Cherdo. In the meantime, hope it all goes well!


Thanks for your personal yada, yada, yada,
Love, Cherdo