Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Battle of the Bands: "Take Me to Church"

As always, this lovefest blogging event was first introduced by our friends, Fae and Stephen, and I'd like to give them a heartfelt "thank you" to the one and only: Fae @ Far Away Eyes (out of sight, but never out of mind!) and Stephen T. McCarthy presents...(my brudder).

Whazzup: Our battles take place twice a month: on the 1st and 15th. The results come six days later: on the 7th and 21st. That's when I return, total all of the votes, maybe even add mine (I had a tie in 2016!), and announce the winner. 

Let's pare this down to pure music admiration. This song, "Take Me to Church," had its run on the charts in 2014 for 20 weeks. This gem is written and performed by Irish songster Andrew Hozier-Byrne, who goes by the professional name, Hozier. 

If so inclined, I could go on and on about the implied meaning, social commentary, politics, blah blah blah. I'm removing that element from my battles. The well-crafted lyrics and powerful delivery make it required listening. Sometimes, you just want to hear a talented person belt one out and he certainly does that. Have a listen to this acoustic version. 


Well, there's more than one way to belt it out. Moroccan-Berber-Swedish singer, Sofia Karlsberg (how often does that ethnic mix fall into place? Let's just call her background "MoBeSwe"), definitely has the pipes to stand up against any takers. Her main claim-to-fame is song covers and her most famous was Beyonce's "Crazy in Love." 


There you have it! Whaddaya gonna do now? Will you vote for the current King O' Irish Bluesy-ness, Hozier, or the Sofia Perfect-Eye-Make-Up Karlsberg? Place your vote in the comments below and then trot on over to my friends' battles and tell 'em what-fer. 

See you back here in 7 days...


  1. When I hear this song it always makes me think of the summer of 2014 when I spent a wonderful month with my mother in that last year of her life. The song got frequent play on the television music station my sister would have playing throughout the day. Good memories.

    Sofia performs this beautifully, but still Hozier owns it and his acoustic version is especially nice. My vote goes to Hozier.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. Hozier gets my vote. Reminds me of the band Temple of the Dog.

  3. Cherdo, I thought I'd give my vote to Hozier but I really didn't care for his liver version. Had you used the studio version then I'd probably would've gone with it. That being said, I preferred contender #2, so please give my vote to Sofia Perfect-Eye-Make-Up Karlsberg!

  4. Both are good but I'll cast my vote for Sofia.

  5. DOC MacSIS ~
    This is a weird song, but I like it.

    When it began to play, I didn't think I knew it. And why would I? It's a new song, and I haven't listened to music on the radio since about 1984. I don't listen to "The Sounds Of Today" because most of it that's not Rap seems stuck in 1995 -- which itself was mostly late '80s Madonna-like junk.

    But as soon as Hozier hit the chorus, I recognized the song and knew I'd heard it quite a number of times, but I don't know how. (Probably in bars, and it seeped into my subconscious while I was talkin' to my beerfriend.)

    Anyway, I know the song, I like the song, and I'm voting for HOZIER. Yeah, Sofia can sing, but she lacks the edgier, grittier element that Hozier provides.

    ~ D-FensDogG
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    (Link:] Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews...

  6. I've got to go with Hozier because it's the version on my playlist.

  7. The imagery in the lyrics make this song pure poetry. I vote for Hozier. I love his voice and style.


  8. I didn't like Hozier's version; it sounded too much like a depressed teenager in his room. Going with Sofia here.

  9. I thought I was going to vote for Hozier because that's the version I'm used to hearing, but I like Sofia's version perhaps a little bit more. My vote is for Sofia.


  10. Hozier, gritter and soul ripping apart

    cheers, parsnip

  11. I thought I would vote Hozier on this one (pre-listening). Turns out I am not as enamored of this acoustic version as the other. And then Sofia started singing. Holy smokes! She's got some pipes on her (and excellent eye makeup). Sofia for the win!

  12. I think I shall abstain. This song never really caught my fancy, and I don't wanna throw a rotten apple in the barrel.

  13. Hello! I hope you are keeping well and everyone is doing well. I hope your son is on his way to getting much better. Even if it's slow, at least he is moving forward and that is what counts. Anyway, I vote for the gal, Sofia because her voice is strong and has meaning to it plus I could understand the words. Hozier was sounding meh to me and I couldn't understand him well. Yes, her eye make up is perfect:)

  14. Sofia Karlsberg gets my vote! Liked her voice better

  15. Sorry for the late arrival, my peeps! Been away all week. Thanks for the votes!

  16. She's got some pipes on her (and excellent eye makeup). Sofia for the win!



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