Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Jacqueline: A Lurve Story

"UB40, one of my faves! Yup, this choice puts you firmly in my tribe. ;-) "
Jacqueline Mitchell

It would please me to no end to be in Jacqueline Mitchell's tribe; I'm certain that I know the full characteristics of all the members. 

Each member would have a cheery disposition with a touch of sassy and snark. Impecable container gardens with delicious abundance would surround a neat home. We'd all praise the Scottish and envy her personal Great Scot. We'd all have to know the movie Trainspotting by heart and cheer when Spud awoke to find his big windfall. We'd believe every crazy cure on the "interwebz," if only for comic relief. All the best music of the last fifty years would be firmly planted in our memories; how else can we chat it up? All our kitchens would be filled with the most wonderful scents; pots of homemade goodness to share daily.

That would be our tribe; that is our tribe. 

Our chieftain has been laid to rest, but the tribe gathers once more in this "other world" where hands never shake and bodies don't betray us. 

Jacqueline used to say "I think I lurve you a little" whenever she approved of my particular brand of snark and giggles. A sweet sentiment from a sweet friend; I hope the angels appreciate their new neighbor the way we appreciated her. Perhaps that thought makes her loss bearable.

To Jacqueline: I always lurved you a lot. Sleep tight, sweetie.


  1. I didn't know her, but it is sad when a blogger friend dies. I've noticed other posts for her. I have a few still in my fed list that have died, and I just can't bring myself to remove their link, kind of like I can't remove deceased facebook friends and often look back on their lives when their birthday comes around. Sorry for your loss, hugs.

    1. As always, you have the heart of a poet and a romantic spirit. Oh, we need more of that! :-)

  2. Sorry to hear this, DOC MacSIS. I don't think I ever crossed paths with Jacqueline, but if you liked her, then I'm sure I would have too.

    I still remember when a good blog friend of mine, Linda "Anniee" Haley, passed away unexpectedly. It was like I lost a dear friend, even though she and I had never met or even yakked on the phone. That one still hurts me when she comes to mind.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  3. This is such a lovely tribute to Jacqueline .. hopping around to all your blogs. I do think her tribe sounds like a tiny bit of paradise ... just enough to make anyone happy for a lifetime. She was an amazing woman

  4. What a wonderful tribute to Jacqueline. Very well said. She had such a sharp wit and was so fun to exchange comments/messages with. Never a dull moment, even when she was in pain. She loved great food, great music, AND brewed her own beer! What was there not to love?

  5. Wow, I love this. It's as if Jacqueline helped you write it - her sassy unique and loving humor shines through. Thank you, Cheryl.
    An abundance of gratitude to you.

  6. So sad. I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting her, but spent some time on her blog today. We take our little posts for granted, but they truly are windows to our souls and she had a lovely, entertaining one. She will surely be missed by all.

  7. Beautiful. You had the gift of her friendship, and she had yours.

  8. A lovely tribute. We are all of us companions on this crazy journey called Life.

  9. My condolences for the loss of your blogging friend.

  10. I lost a dear blogging friend in January. It was really sad- still is. I am so sorry for your loss of your dear blogging friend. Amazing how blogs have formed so many friendships. Prayers go out to all that loved her.

  11. Hope all is well with you. I keep coming here to see if you've posted anything new. We "lurve" you too!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  12. I know I have been awhile for a long time. Sad to start coming back around to such sad news. Hope all is well with you. My thoughts and heart go out to you and your friends family.

  13. So sad. I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting her, but spent some time on her blog today. We take our little posts for granted, but they truly are windows to our souls and she had a lovely, entertaining one.

  14. I know how the loss of a friend can affect a writing project like this. Time out is understandable, cathartic, healing. I hope soon to enjoy the pleasure of your renewed online company. All best wishes. --Geo.

  15. It is so sad when a blog friend dies. We are usually far away but feel close all the same.
    Sad but lovely post.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish


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