Thursday, September 21, 2017

BOTB Results: La Vitda is Definitely Loca

Who can shake his hips, move those feet, flash them guns and beat out the competition at the same time?  Your boy Ricky Martin, that's who. Shakira didn't stand a chance. Where's Al Penwasser when you need him? He is a born Shakira vote, I'd wager.  But for this time around, Ricky takes all!

No tears for you, Shakira - get on your feet for the standing ovation: to the victor goes the....whatever I should give him (but I'm not).

Sing us out, Ricky!

How did your other votes go? Scamper off to the blogs of my peeps to see how you did.  I'll be back for another battle on the 15th of October...geez, how did it get to be October?


Flipping out, in an Autumn kinda way,

Friday, September 15, 2017

Battle of the Bands: Loca, Anyone?


It's the new and improved once-per-month-on-the-15th Battle of the Bands! YASSSSSSS, Lord!

As always, this lovefest blogging event was first introduced by our friends, Fae and Stephen, and I'd like to give a heartfelt "thank you" to the one and only: Fae @ Far Away Eyes (out of sight, but never out of ind!) and Stephen T. McCarthy presents... (my brudder from anudder mudder, praise the Lord).

Whazzup: Our battles take place once a month on the 15th! On the 21st, come on back! That's when I return, total all of the votes, maybe even add my own tie-breaker, and announce the winner. 

For this month, I've got a theme (it may be repeating in my life, too, but that is another story). One man's crazy is another man's ....vocation? Passion? Celebration? Who can say, crazy is so pathelogically personal. So many hours to fill with delusion, confusion, and allusion. Most of us can recall a time in their life when another person's crazy stepped on their own personal crazy and that may have been one of the "zones" I am moving away from right now. Again, I scream: YAAAAASSS, Lord.

In the meantime, why not celebrate crazy? Here's two well known artists who not only recognize crazy, but celebrate it with a decent beat and a whole lotta attitude. If I had a channel of just these kinda tunes, I'd embrace loca every day of the week. 

Interesting fact: every "loca" song involves wearing less clothing per square inch. The more you know... (That wouldn't work in my personal loca world, as my responsibility to the world is to keep Cherdo under as much fabric as humanly possible to prevent mass hysteria. But, I digress. Wasn't there a song in this conversation somewhere...oh, there he is...Ricky, if you please?).

"Living La Vida Loca"



To recap:  He's living la vida loca. She's crazy...but YOU like it. Dat enough loca for ya?

Then, do your duty, my peeps. Analyze the offerings and then check out the other bloggers (the ones who do this well) and I'll see you on the 21st with the Results of the September 2017 Battle of the Bands.  

Then take a rest. Print out this coupon and use it. It's good in all 50 states and countries that use/acknowledge the Euro or Yen.  私はあなたを忘れていない

Till then...
Flipping Out Daily,