Thursday, September 21, 2017

BOTB Results: La Vitda is Definitely Loca

Who can shake his hips, move those feet, flash them guns and beat out the competition at the same time?  Your boy Ricky Martin, that's who. Shakira didn't stand a chance. Where's Al Penwasser when you need him? He is a born Shakira vote, I'd wager.  But for this time around, Ricky takes all!

No tears for you, Shakira - get on your feet for the standing ovation: to the victor goes the....whatever I should give him (but I'm not).

Sing us out, Ricky!

How did your other votes go? Scamper off to the blogs of my peeps to see how you did.  I'll be back for another battle on the 15th of October...geez, how did it get to be October?


Flipping out, in an Autumn kinda way,


  1. Sorry I missed that one. Think I was on blog break at the time.

  2. I'm still solidly on Shakira's side. And if it was a choice on who to date, I'd definitely pick Shakira even though she's a bit younger than I.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  3. He totally deserves the crown. His hips don't lie either.


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