Saturday, October 21, 2017

BOTB Results: The Super Groups!

Wow, that wasn't even close!  Asia, The Traveling Wilburys, and Damn Yankees: three beloved bands loaded with talent (not a stinker in the mix!), but in the end, The Traveling Wilburys beat 'em without mercy. 

Need a chuckle? Be sure to go to Wilbury's website to find out your Wilbury name (bottom of the page). Turns out, I'm Josephine Wilbury...

The passing of Tom Petty might have added to the nostalgic tug on the heart. If the Wilburys weren't so awesome in the first place, perhaps we'd have a different outcome. As it were, I've got to believe they would have taken it, regardless.  

Rest in Peace, Charlie...

You know the drill...Wilburys, sing us out: 

These lovely peeps have battles scores to share, too! Check 'em out and I'll be here for the next battle on the 15th of November. We can talk turkey then.


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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Battle of the "Too Big for Their Britches" Bands: The Super Bands

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IT'S THE BATTLE OF THE BANDS!  As always, this fine frolic is the product of my friends, Fae (never absent in my heart) and Stephen T. McCarthy and I'm taking part once a month on the 15th!

This past month saw the sad passing of Tom Petty. Boy, I didn't see that one coming. Correct me if I'm wrong: Keith Richards is still here? But no Petty? 

Absolutely certain that Tom and his heartbreakin' buddies would appear on the battle, I decided to go a different route for October. 

Tom Petty's name appears on my mental list of all the truly talented musicians, some uber famous or not so celebrated, who felt the urge to break from their comfortable habitats and regroup with another "pack." You know what I'm talking about...the elusive "super groups." 

What makes a group a "super" variety? Well, in my short list of criteria, they're pretty big for britches to start with, could probably live without the extra influx of cash from a second venture, and yet - they go for it. Guitar World came up with their own list of what makes a super group and they added an interesting component: they can't just join an existing group (their example: Van Hagar, ha ha). I agree!

For your auditory pleasure and analysis, I give you three super groups. All packed with great musicians of note. But the question is this: which one did it best?

Steve Howe (Yes), John Wetton (King Crimson), 
Geoff Downes (The Buggles, Yes) 
and Carl Palmer (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) 

George Harrison (Beatles), Bob Dylan (solo career), 
Tom Petty (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers), Jeff Lynne (ELO) 
and Roy Orbison (solo career)

Ted Nugent (Amboy Dukes, solo career), Tommy Shaw (Styx), 
Jack Blades (Night Ranger), and drummer Michael Cartellone

I'll be back with results on the 21st of October...I swear I will. But these fine folks still need your vote! Check 'em out:

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Flipping out, Cherdo