Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Battle of the Bands: Great Battlin' Brunos!

People, can't we all just get along? 

Heck, no!  LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IT'S THE BATTLE OF THE BANDS!  The place where everybody is kung foo fightin', no one ever stops dragging your heart around, and dirty deeds are done dirt cheap every dern month. 

As always, this fine frolic is the product of my friends, Fae (never absent in my heart) and Stephen T. McCarthy and I'm taking part once a month on the 15th!

Bruno Mars is one of the most talented, versitile performers around, in my humble, feeble brained (yet persistant) opinion. I've been thinking of using him in a battle for a while, but I wondered: who could stand up to Bruno? The guy has a slew of hits in a variety of genres. He can sing, play...he can dance...he's done pop, reggae, funk, hip hop, ballads, and songs that were pure fun. Did you see his half time show last year? He put Coldplay and Beyonce to shame. 






No one does a Bruno battle like Bruno. I hope no feelings are hurt; I'd hate to learn Bruno holds a grudge. That would be...awkward.  

What Bruno do you prefer? Come on, tell me...tell me...Check 'em out and I'll be here for the results on the 21st of each month and back for new battles on the 15th of each month. 


Still flipping out,


  1. Bass voices and horns... Uptown Funk.

  2. What'd you go and do something like this for? What am I supposed to do with this any way? I think Bruno is a great talent and I've seen him do several performances on TV. I like all of these songs so it's a bit difficult to pick one that's a favorite.

    Guess I'll go with the first song I heard by Mars which was a performance on some music awards show where he sang with Sting. I mean he does perform this song like The Police here.

    Yeah, I'm voting for "Locked Out of Heaven". It's one of the most exhilarating songs ever.

    Tossing It Out

  3. Wow. This is a tough one! I like each of these. I think I'd really enjoy seeing him in concert.

    I think I'm going to give my vote to Uptown Funk because it's just a really fun song.

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

  4. Not a Bruno Mars fan, but I prefer the third one.

  5. He is mighty, mighty talented. Uptown Funk seems to be winning, so I'll go with Locked out of Heaven. I was torn between the two.

  6. Fun battle! Bruno is such a great talent, he can do anything. For pure listening enjoyment and toe-tapping frenzy, I have to go with Uptown Funk.
    P.S. I've rejoined the BOTB party. Come on over! ☺

  7. I have to give him points for variety, because he did a good job of copying The Police, Kool & The Gang, and Billy Joel (respectively) with these three songs. So, I'll go with whichever of those three I like the best. Give my vote to "Uptown Funk."

  8. Of these three, Locked Out of Heaven. Love Bruno and was disappointed I didn't get to see him when he came around this year!

  9. You made this tough, but I decided to vote for Uptown Funk because it makes me want to (clumsily) dance.


  10. Bruno is not my favorite, but he has great talent. I think that "When I Was Your Man" demonstrates the best qualities of his voice, as well as skill as a pianist. I vote for that one.

  11. Cherdo,

    Decisions. Decisions. Decisions! All three excellent song choices. Bruno can't be mad at you, girlfriend. I think I'm goin' with "Locked Out of Heaven in this showdown. :) Have a joyful, blessed Thanksgiving, my friend1

  12. Cherdo,

    In some ways it's hard for me to believe that Bruno Mars has only been around since 2010ish. Wasn't his first hit Just The Way You Are? I think that was either 2009 or 2010. It was right around when I started blogging.

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say two things. I predict a win for Uptown Funk on this battle. AND listening to these songs reminded me of Michael Jackson. Bruno Mars is just that appealing. He does it all well. What might make for an interesting future battle is to take the winner of this battle and pitch it against a MJ song (which you could pick or could be determined the same way you did this one). I think my personal favorite of MJ's is Billie Jean, but that could change on another day...:)

    Oh, and yeah, I'm voting for Uptown Funk. That song just makes me happy. Don't believe me just watch!

  13. DOC MacSIS ~
    Until now, the only Brunos I knew were Bruce Willis and the Bruno who teams up with Rocco when the Gawdfather needs to convince someone to accept an offer he can't refuse.

    It's funny that while listening to the first song, I thought: He's doing Michael Jackson here. And then afterwards I saw Girl Wonder's comment in which she also made a Michael Jackson connection.

    At the end of that third video, I kept expecting Porky Pig to pop out of the center of that background and say, "Th-th-th-that's all folks!"

    Please attach my vote to the first song, 'LOCKED OUT OF HEAVEN'. In truth, I am not. I've got a good Friend in Heavenly places. (I'm a bit concerned about Bruno, though. I hope he's able to get in. You gotta know the Doorman and be able to afford the two-drink-minimum.)

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents 'Battle Of The Bands'

  14. So he is talented in so many ways but a fuzzy-wuzzy in the brain department?...hahahaaa. My mom, who loved to dance and even won a dance contest said that many dancers were as dumb as anything. Anyhoo, the 3rd video reminds me of the variety shows where they would have a special guest star. I must give it to Uptown Funk which is fun, has a great beat and is so cool. This man can do cool wearing a pink jacket and pink curlers in his hair.

  15. Girl, this was a cool battle! I like Bruno Mars but have never really dug deep into his works and it was nice to see his various styles in your three song choices. I liked all of them but the first two are my favorites. Now I have to decide between those two. Hmm... Hang on, brb....
    Locked Out of Heaven is really good. The music and the beat are a perfect match for his vocals. He has a great voice.

    Uptown Funk is a blast: "Julio, get the stretch!" lol. This song really got me going this morning, head bobbin', shoulders swaying. This song is pure "funk you up" fun!

    Between the two, I'm going to have to go with Uptown Funk. I grooved on that song way more than the other. It's Uptown Funk all the way...

    Excellent battle. I really like the concept of showcasing three different styles of the artist and having the styles battle it out. Way cool.

    Michele at Angels Bark


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