Thursday, March 22, 2018

BOTB Results: The Greenest Results Ever

Oh, battles of battles! Man against woman, friend against friend; if I'm not careful, I'm going to slide ride into Stephen T. McCarthy's tag line. 'Nuff said, here is how it shook out:


Gilbert O'Sullivan:

Sinead O'Connor:
Evil Pop Tart

My early years could be a musical and one of the background songs would have to be "Alone Again Naturally," if not for the sentiment, then definitely for the number of times I played this great tune. To the victor! No crying or moaning, U2 or Sinead...let's be big about it. Someone will notice you...

So, sing us out, Gilbert!

Now, go back and check out the results from my people (and I will, too!). I'll see you next month on the 15th for the next Battle of the Bands. 

A-to-Z folks, I'm trying to talk myself into it once more; it's so much fun. Your thoughts?

Hugs, Cherdo

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Greenest Battle of the Bands Ever

What could be better than an Irish battle of the bands? How about an actual knock down, drag out? Who would want to be in such a whallop-o-looza? 

As always, this love fest is the product of my friends, FAE (never absent in my heart, always in my prayers, and just one heck of a gal and she'd make a great Irish lass) and Stephen T. McCarthy (might be Irish...there are telltale signs...). I'm a once a month participant on the 15th, and returning on the 21st with results of YOUR voting, so let's get this show on the road.

Go ahead, guess the top three Irish singers/bands. Neuro synapses can be created with this simple exercise of mental recall (according to me). As much as I hate to reference the big wigs, here I go: according to Billboard, the top ranking Irish artists are U2, Gilbert O'Sullivan (not even his real o'name), and Sinead O'Connor. 

Let's pit those big boys (and girl) against each other and see what shakes out, for the love of St. Patty.

"With or Without You"
Peak date: 5/16/87

"Alone Again, Naturally"
Peak date: 7/29/72

"Nothing Compares 2 U"
Peak date: 4/21/90

Ha! How will they do? Will someone walk away, head handing low, too big for their great green britches? Will I have to call the WAAAAmbulance?

Time to vote, peeps! Bono vs Gilbert O vs Sinead decide the REAL top irish artist. Vote as many times as you like, as long as you like the number one. Then visit the rest of the gang, who are ALL irish on the 17th, I swear on me mudder's potato recipe.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, too - I've got to have a jump on everyone else, I started two days early.
Hugs, Cherdo