Thursday, November 15, 2018

Battle of the Bands: Thankful for the Laughs!

It's my month of thankfulness and time for the Battle of the Bands, with potential for one or more ha-has per month! 

Our history: FAR AWAY EYES (always loved) and STEPHEN T. McCARTHY (the head ha ha)started this wonderful get together. If you're new to it, a Battle gets posted on the 1st and 15th of each month and results appear magically six days later, on the 7th and 21st. If necessary, I add my own humble vote to break a tie, math it up, and announce the winner. Bam. It's that easy.

Growing up in Ohio and West "by God" Virginia, one thing was apparent: you have to be able to laugh at yourself AND it we are not laughing at YOU, you're probably someone we don't favor. Everyone gets in on the act. Laugh at yourself, at what you value, at what you despise, your obsessions, the "deep, dark, truthful mirror" of life, and everyone in between. Ahhh...that works for me.

This month's battle is dedicated to the ringmaster, Stephen T. McCarthy, in apprecation of all his efforts at keeping this going. Stephen is a kind mentor, understanding friend and the best prayer buddy ever. Who knew? Me, that's who. I'm thankful for this fine friend.

Lately, I'm not sure if I'd want to do comedy because of the number of toes that have the potential to be stepped on. When did the pursuit of ha-ha get so difficult?

For this month's offering, I submit two musically sound parodies that tickle my funny bone every stinkin' time I hear them. 


First up: Comedians Dustin and Genevieve's Parody of Bohemian Rhapsody...
made timely and topical! Jabs taken at everyone...


Tim Hawkins is a family favorite, especially loved by Gonzo. We've seen his live show three or four times and he is really a talented musician, too. 

Well, is it ironic that now I WANT your opinion?? About the videos and the pursuit of laughter, that is...I remain dedicated to my own opinion of "first, do no harm" where blogging is concerned and excessive use of emphasize how much of my thought train just sort of pulls away mid-thought...

Results on the 21st, good people! Taxi that bag of opinions and observatiosn over to these other battles, if you please. 

I'll be thankful, I promise, and so will they!


  1. #1 is clever, but neither one made me laugh!!

  2. Don't get me started Ms. Cherdo. "are not laughing at YOU" "with you" is a better phrase - it's on the table. The second song has a good melody. The first song is spot on. You don't have to agree nobody has to agree but Twitter has vulgarized discourse - it's just wrong. There are some platforms/mediums that ought to go away.. and certainly won't. If you've seen Breitbart, whenever Robert DeNiro or Chelsea Handler uses a cuss at Twitter or an awards show bet your bottom dollar there are literally thousands of comments and they pretty much all the same thing. Not the same thing as DeNiro and Handler rather opposition piling on like a rugby game to the exponential. I don't do facebook and don't recommend it to anyone. "Hey everyone we're on vacation, feel free to rob our house." etc. Don't get me started. Your first song is spot on on the times, inspiring. They get my vote.

  3. I like a lot of parodies, especially Weird Al--he's the best at this craft.

    These two are well done. The Hawkins song was nicely performed, but I didn't think it came across as a very good parody. At least not a rip-snortin' laugh out loud one.

    I thought the Queen parody was far more clever and it was very well executed.

    My vote goes to #1--Dustin & Genevieve.


  4. I just GOTTA go with the first one! It had me laughing from start to finish. And, it's so true...

  5. Those were fun, Cherdo! ☺ "Opinion Parody" was spot on and had me laughing out loud throughout, so my vote goes to Dustin & Genevieve. On the subject of opinions, we all have our personal points of view and should respect those with differing ones. We can still be friends even if we don't agree on something (or even many things). I'll never understand why some people feel the need to be abusive and hurl personal insults.

  6. Tim Hawkins is a good singer. Opinion Parody is milk out the nostrils funny. Vote #1.

  7. Tim Hawkins is always good for a laugh. But this Opinion Parody... the first time I saw it I was snorting laughing. That was an instant share with my facebook friends. It warms my heart that you are using it here in your battle. you darn well I'm voting for #1.

    Excellent battle!

  8. Cherdo,

    Facebook is such a circle at times. I refuse to get sucked into the crazy drama floating around there. I liked both funny mewsic vids you shared in this battle round. Contender #1 hit things spot-on regarding the screwiness in social media. Please give my vote to Dustin & Genevieve. Fun showdown! Have a good weekend and a blessed Thanksgiving, my friend!

  9. Hokey-Smoke! That's a heckuva dedication / tribute to try to live up to. I thanks you, DOC MacSIS. I will try, and I'll think positive reinforcement thoughts: "I think I can. I think I can. I think I can", etc.

    Both of these were fun BUT!... that first one! Woo-Hoo! Hilarious and such a bull's-eye. I even saw some of myself in there. (Yup. I confess, I've done a little trolling of my own. But that's only because I don't do any fishing.)

    I've never had a Facebook account, but it's hard for me to believe that any social media site could be worse than YouTube. I mean, you could post a comment at YT saying, "I love everyone in the world and I wish you all nothing but peace and goood fortune." And someone would come along later and leave this reply: "Hey moron your suposed to put only too os in good."

    I gotta bote for 'OPINION PARODY'. That's one of the very best I've ever heard. Weird Al ain't got nuttin' on DUSTIN & GENEVIEVE. Is all of their stuffs that goood?

    ~ D-FensDogG at STMcC Presents 'BATTLE OF THE BANDS'

  10. I must give it to Dustin & Genevieve all the way. First, his voice is amazing and to use such an iconic song as Bohemian Rhapsody takes guts. I love the parody and the cleverness in the on! They totally get my vote. The other guy has a great voice and it was funny but it didn’t come close to the first. I’m on some of these sites but I am not into any of these negative things and I am not even sure what trolling means

  11. Hi Cherdo,
    What fun! I'm going with Dustin and Genevieve: that was hilarious! My favorite part was Effin trolls...Thirsty trolls" haha LOVE it!

    Have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Thanks for giving me a giggle tonight. I needed it...big time!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  12. Cherdo,

    Just stopping by to wish you and your family a happy, blessed Thanksgiving! Have fun at the Fantasy of Trees if you go. We have no plans to attend. That's just too many people to deal with at one for me. lol

  13. Thanks everyone! This was a busy week of travel and "stuff!" And we had a LANDSLIDE! Wow!


Thanks for your personal yada, yada, yada,
Love, Cherdo