Saturday, December 15, 2018

Battle of the Bands: The Reason for the Season

Well, this is the last post for 2018's Battles of the Bands...did I say that right? In honor of that, I'd like to offer up a battle that is firmly rooted in the "reason for the season." It's almost Christmas...

This romp was started by FAR AWAY EYES (always remembered and loved) and STEPHEN T. McCARTHY (the head elf) drive this caravan. If you're new to it, a Battle gets posted on the 1st and 15th of each month and results appear magically six days later, on the 7th and 21st. You comment below and tell me which tune your favorite and why (if you want to elaborate). If necessary, I add my own humble vote to break a tie and announce the winner. 

You don't have to be Christian to know that the December 25 celebration of Christmas is all about the birth of Christ, whom Christians everywhere believe to be the salvation of the world. I happen to share that belief, so the season is always extra special to me and I've managed not to chalk all the hubbub up to consumerism, inspite of the push to bite that hook. 

In reverence of that special day so long ago, I submit my choice for the December battle: "Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus." 

The first version is tied to a video by The Skit Guys that I love. The singer is Marcy Priest, a worship leader and songwriter outta Oklahoma who released her debut album "Awake" in 2008. Acclaim followed, but she stayed under my radar till The Skit Guys...


Boy...this just begs for a church choir to chime in...or a college choir. Hmmm...


Acoustic anyone? Yeah...I love acoustic.


Three different versions, one solid message. The only thing missing is your vote, your opinion/comment and ME saying "Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and God bless you all." 

To those of you who don't believe in God, let me say, "Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and God bless you all." You don't have to believe to be blessed.

And lastly, to those who skip the whole month of December, let me say (again), "Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and God bless you all." Apparently, you need all the good wishes and blessings I can throw at you.

I try not to be swayed by public opinion.

My favorite shepherd, Gonzo...

Spread your Christmas cheer and good will (I hope you have a good dose of it) over these other fine blogs and welcome our new member, AISASAMI. See you on the 21st!


  1. I couldn't recall ever having heard this song before until I heard Nathan Drake's interpretation. Nice trad hymn.

    Fascinating video for Marcy's version. This version seemed a bit brash. I could say it set my teeth on edge, but that was probably more due to my traumatic visit to the dentist this morning. My mouth still hurts.

    The version by Nathan was relaxing, but I can't say I was blown away by his version.

    Maybe my dental visit made me feel "closer to heaven" since I thought it was going to kill me. The choir hit me in just the right way.

    Give my vote to that Cambridge choir. Just the thing I needed before heading off to bed laden with a pain-killer and a sleeping pill.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. This song is unfamiliar to me, which is a good thing. No preconceptions. ☺ I didn't care for Marcy's vocals and I'm not a fan of choirs. Nathan, on the other hand, has a lovely vocal tone, so he gets my vote.
    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. Cheers!

  3. That's why I celebrate Christmas - the birth of our Savior.
    The first and the third were both beautiful. I give it to Marcy though.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. I know the tune well- as a former catholic, we sang it as "Alleluia Sing To Jesus" with (as usual) different words. I have to go along with Debbie the Dog Lady's synopsis and vote for Nathan.

  5. Well, I must say this is a new Christmas song for me. First I've heard it! My vote goes to Nathan Drake's beautiful rendition!

  6. Oh, #2, without question.
    I'm a sucker for organ music and choirs. Must be the Catholic School altar boy in me from so very long ago.
    NOTE: I still have a phobia of Women holding rulers, though.

  7. A Merry Christmas to you and yourn, DOC MacSIS.

    Gonzo makes a good shepherd. Not "The Good Shepherd", but a good shepherd.

    I'm in agreement with a couple others who didn't care for the vocals of the first one. Yeah, kind of brash, or... I dunno - too high-pitched and a bit grating for my finely tuned canine ears.

    The third one was nice. But... for me, a song like this one really goes over best, I think, as a choir of like-minded folks calling out for the arrival of the Day Of The Lord. Yep! I'll vote for ST. JOHN'S CHOIR in this Battle.

    Good contest, Doc. Everyone's already got at least one vote!

    ~ D-FensDogG @ STMcC Presents 'BATTLE OF THE BANDS'

  8. This is a new one for me as well. All seemed to be pretty darned good renditions, but I'm giving my vote to Marcy, with the choir being a very close second choice.


  9. The choir. Even though all Christmas music drives me nuts.

  10. In my mind, it's a tie between #1 & #3. I love the art work that goes on in #1!!

  11. Marcy Priest, easily gets my vote. After seeing the Exorcist and The Omen, religion spooks me a bit. Marcy Priest is a siren (that crescendo that starts ~ 2 minutes also ---> to the chill out outro)… I can go to her voice and know my boat won't sink.

  12. Cherdo,

    Howdy, ole Mountainer chick! :) This is a new-to-me song with three new artists as well. My vote goes to the soothing sound of Nathan Drake! Have a joyful blessed Christmas and may God's blessings be with you in the coming new year, dear friend! XO

  13. OK, I've got a project for all the Battle of the BAnd members. Have you heard of a singer called 'Threatin'? For an interesting music read here are some links.

    What does everyone think? I don't think he's that bad musically. Ethically, not so much.

  14. Sadly, the St. John's Choir version seemed a little short. Certain songs just beg to be sung by a choir. I'm going to go with Marcy Priest. Nathan has a great voice, but the recording is a little too hot.

  15. Being a choir girl for about six yeara, I will say I enjoy the choir version more. Marcy Priest has a good voice and her version is decent, but a bit slow for my taste. Nathan is good too but not as good as the St. John's Choir version,. This battle makes me to listen to t"Messiah" (even though that is written for the Easter season, "Messiah" is sang mostly during the Xmas season. I had to sing Hallejuah so many times in one Xmas season,)

  16. December got away from me, my peeps! Congrats to Nathan, our winner. More on the Jan. 1 post.


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