Friday, February 8, 2019

BOTB Results: You're Not Gonna Believe Who Won

Hidey hidey hoe, neighbors! I'm a day late due to some lovely surprise birthday celebrations that my dear men provided at the local steak house. Yum...  For the record, I am OLD. There. I said it. Probably beat YOU to it. 

Back to our battle...Two ties and an overwhelming vote for the fact that "Hallelujah" is overdone, though popular.

So, Cohen wins with one of his tunes: "Everybody Knows" or "You Want It Darker." As official representative of Cherdo on the Flipside and the one and only Cherdo (officially and God-given), I will give the deciding tie-breakin' vote to:


That tune haunts me...the rhythm, the lyrics, the potential for debate! I love it. 

Sing-talk us out, Leonard!

How did your vote tally up? Are you surprised? Do you like his talky style? Any other Cohen favorites?

Now, check out how you did with the other bloggers and I'll see you back here on Feb. 15!


  1. Yay! My fave won! One interesting tidbit of trivia about this song is that the Jewish cantor and choir who sing at the end are from the Montreal synagogue which Cohen attended as a child.

  2. They were both good. I didn't win but that goes with my week. Have a great weekend

  3. Happy birthday to you! Although if you're like me you'd probably just stop at this one and put getting older on hold. Actually, I think I'd rather go back to about my thirties and stay there.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  4. I am very likely to put that song on my M10 list next week...

  5. DOC, did you turn 29 again?
    Happy, Happy Birthday to you!! (And many more!)

    I think I'm gonna stop at 59, since I was also born in '59. Yep. Just stop here and not let that other shoe drop! ... EVER!

    Pretty surprising that Leonard Cohen won, but then BOTB always has been full o' surprises.

    ~ Stephen T. DogG-Tired

  6. You've destroyed my last place finishing streak!

  7. I have been away from my blog post for some time and my comments are very hit and miss, but I am so happy to catch up on your Birthday

    Let There Be Cake !
    cheers, parsnip


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