Thursday, March 21, 2019

BOTB Blame Game Results: It's a Howie Landslide!


Wow, Howard should feel pretty good about himself this morning - that was practically a landslide! Not in a Stevie-Nicks-trying-to-keep-visible kinda way, but in a lovely validation of a great tune. 

Aptly, no one gets the blame. Well, maybe these folks do...partially:

Debbie D.
Mike Spain
John (only mildly annoyed)

Nada. Just say no.

Jade Li

Mr. Jones: to the victor go the spoils! Sing us out!

What's next? Well, I'm pretty certain you'd blame me if I forgot to tell you that results are posted on my fine peeps' pages and you need to see how that shook out. We will all see you back and battlin' on April don't be a fool, be there!

Monday, March 18, 2019

The A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

Oh, my sweet peeps, I've been struggling to keep my blog head up and I finally decided I JUST NEED TO JUMP BACK IN. One of my pleasure in past years was the A to Z Challenge...what a great place to start.

For my theme, I have chosen If You Do This, You May Be a GeezerYou know who you are...or do you?

Now, you know that I am young at heart -- aren't we all? In fact, maybe too much so, because I'm finding myself oddly amazed at the passage of time. How can I be so out of touch

For instance, I received a certificate for twenty years of service for a certain philantropic organization. Twenty years I've been at it with them? Lord, I would have said six. And then, the epiphany occurred...the self-correcting, deep dark truth set in:'s been twenty years. 

It's not just me, I'm noticing it all the time. Geezers that walk among you don't know they're geezers. It's like the movie, The Sixth Sense. But I see old people...and they don't know they're old

"Hmmm...," I thought, "this might be a great service to humanity if I carefully and kindly listed some of the various symptoms of geezerhood, lest the general public might miss key signs."

I owe it to humanity, dag nabbit. Dat's all I'm saying for now. 

Join me on April 1 for your own personal A to Z Geezer-Check, Monday through Saturday (hey, a person of my advanced years has to rest a day).

Friday, March 15, 2019

Battle of the Bands: The Blame Game

The Democrats...the Republicans...the Christians...the Muslims...the rich...the poor...the students with SAT/ACT scores that stink...the parents that buy them a better score (hey, it's not like you can just create your OWN good score, right?). 

Gawd, there's plenty of blame to go around...wait...did I hear music?

This is the BATTLE OF THE BANDS, folks. We proudly blame this funfest on FAR AWAY EYES and is currently maintained in the center ring by dear STEPHEN T. McCARTHY (my brudder from anudder mudder). IThe mighty Battle gets posted on the 1st and 15th of each month and results appear magically six days later, on the 7th and 21st. You then vote in the comments below and tell me which tune is your favorite and why (if you want to elaborate). If it's absolutely necessary, I add my own humble vote to break a tie and announce the winner. Then you CAN blame me.

Let's look at three very different tunes that conjure up the word "blame" in three different ways. And, as always, I gotta ask: which is your favorite? Why? Share your thoughts, my peeps.

"No One Gets the Blame"


"Blame It On Me"

Remarkably, this Battle reminds me of our media coverage: no one gets the blame, blame it on every outside factor (but personal choice) and last, but rarely, okay...blame it one me. 

Cherdo's Observations: Howard Jones, your hair has to obey the laws of gravity, just like everything else. Calvin Harris, that's a lot of underwear just to sing a song. George Ezra, I still can't believe that low voice is coming out of you. You look like my old paperboy who had a voice like Buffy from Family Affair. Back to biz...

If you hate every one of these tunes, blame it on me. 'Cause I'm a stand up gal. I can take it. The buck stops here. But first, pick the one you hate least OR (hopefully), vote for that gem you like the most. 

Are you done? Nawwwww, what about my peeps? Check out these fine battles and give them your two cents. We all appreciate it. See you on the 21st!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

BOTB Results: The Monkees Win! Shocker!

MPR News reported that "Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Jones" by the Monkees was No. 1 on the Billboard album chart 51 years ago (as of January 2019). Good Lord, how can that be right? I wish that were fake news...where's that AARP card, I'm gonna need it? 

Friday, March 1, 2019

Battle of the Bands: Monkee-ing Around

You know what's more fun that a barrel of monkeys? Me, either...and the fates have denied me ever seeing an actual barrel of monkeys, so I may be way off base.