Tuesday, April 9, 2019

If You Do This, You Might Be a Geezer: H is for High Fashion

Let us return, dear reader, to a time when my birthday suit didn't need ironed. 

Flashback to the early 1980s, if you would indulge me for a moment. I'm out of school, in my own apartment...it's the weekend, and we are deep into the age of (dare I say it?) disco. Everyone I know is going to be dancing somewhere this weekend and I need something to wear. The current stash is critiqued:

  • It has to be stylish. I won't even consider some of the things I've worn recently, unless I can accessorize them into a totally different look.
  • The colors have to pop...or at least have some sort of embellishment that will make my outfit pass for fashionable.
  • The heels on my shoes must be as high as I can stand them...and I'm planning to dance in them. If blisters occur, so be it. It's only for a night and dagnabbit, I've got the fever...I caught it from John Travolta (who I consider a hottie). 
  • Satin? Yes.  Silk? Yes. Sequins? Sure. Go for it. More jewelry than necessary? Absolutely. Fully made up, for sure. 
How we presented ourselves used to be crucial to our spot on the social scene. 

What happened in 2019? 

I'm not talking about changing tastes in fashion but attitudes. I've chuckled to myself over my own past choices more than once and I'll bet everyone has done that from time to time. Tell your children and grandchildren you did it in anticipation of their need for amusement in later years. There's no other way to justify Davy Crockett hats, poodle skirts, leather jackets in summer, crocheted vests, fringed purses, Peter Max illustrated jackets, disco wear, saggy pants, over sized newsboy caps, mohawks, tight jeans, loose jeans, velvet, and thousands of other clothing that came and went. 

Don't you think we dressed at the whim of the fashion and entertainment gurus? Be honest. You can't make those craze-driven choices up. Even more amazingly, someone sat in a clothing company pow-wow and submitted ideas for each and every item. And they were right from a financial standpoint. It pains me to say so because each one of those stupid trends were huge at different points in our history of trying to avoid being naked. 

Is part of aging the fact that you care more...or less? Has the bar been lowered to "just cover the parts that might make this life rated R." Or do we, the geezer hierarchy of the world, think about it more in terms of what pleases us as individuals? Do you care more about comfort or less about how you look? Are your choices more utilitarian...or on a whim?

The part of my brain that shouts "I just want comfort!" is next door neighbors with the gray matter that mocks new style on occasion and shares a backyard with the lobe that says one blouse is acceptable over another one.

One of my current forms of fashion rebellion (I may have skipped teenage rebellion and I want all I'm entitled to in this life...so I'll do it now) is to purposefully wear something that is out of my comfort level, just because I can. As I type, I'm looking at garish purple sparkly nail polish. It makes me laugh (how weird am I?). A six-year-old little girl asked me if I painted my nails...then quickly followed with a question about whether my mama knew I painted my nails. I could feel that disapproval, ha ha. 

I may be the lady with purple hair one day, by choice; in fact, I've thought about making all my wardrobe one color. Specifically, one ridiculous color -- like purple or silver.

Does all this mean I care more about how I dress...or less? Or have I finally dressed for that audience of one? And does that mean I'm firmly in the geezer zone?

  • If you dress without any input from any outside source...
  • If you don't give a flip about the new fashion...
  • If you wear message shirts without considering the audience...
  • If you've sworn off women's high heels or men's work oxfords...
  • If you will answer the door wearing ANYTHING without regret...
  • If you finally, for once, dress with impunity...

My dear husband has informed me that his retirement will start with a complete closet of comfort shoes and Hawaiian shirts. Good for him. I may help him by making sure they all are coordinated with my purple everything.

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  1. If hubby gets too many Hawaiian shirts, send them my way. Other than ts and jeans, that is litterally my whole wardrobe...

    1. I don't have a problem with that wardrobe...

  2. I have never been much of one for fashion trends. When I was five I did have a Davy Crockett coonskin cap. Before my first year of college I bought a small wardrobe of what I considered "hippy clothes" but I didn't wear them for long because I decided that I looked kind of stupid in them.

    I've always tended toward informal--or neat informal when I needed to look better than usual. Fortunately for me I never had a job where I had to dress in a suit or anything dressy every day. Not a fan of suits, ties, or any of that stuff. I'm with your husband--slip on shoes and Hawaiian or some other type of leisure shirts and I've got plenty of those shirts on hand.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. In my mind, I have a clear memory of what I wore being so important for a time...and then, pfft! Comfort rules now. I'll never wear heels again, for any reason. If I can manage it, dresses are replaced with dressy -- but pants. I despise hose.

      It's tough keepin' it girly, ha ha.

  3. I had three paragraphs typed and then they disappeared. I hate computers.

    1. Awwwww, Mike...it's Flipside trickery. My bad.

  4. A little girl once noticed my pink nail polish and said, "That's the devil." However, she pronounced it "debil" so maybe it was the debil and I'm not acquainted with debil. I don't feel I have a close relationship with the devil, either. Sometimes I can't believe I used to go disco dancing. You've brought up a lot of memories.

    Janie the Geezer

    1. I know some folks who might think it's the devil, but I think the devil aims higher. I just want my nails to be in one piece instead of split right down the middle and ridged (my thanks to the creator of gel polish).

  5. I love clothes!! I love shopping for clothes! My style is all over the place- hippy, cowgirl is usually my style if I had to label it. LOL

    1. But YOU are still young and pretty and look cute in everything. Therein lies the different.

  6. Not a fashionista here. I've worked from home for the last 18 years and my wardrobe is definitely comfort clothes (including sometimes staying in my PJs until noon). Used to wear high heels all the time when I was out in the workforce but now it's slippers :)

    Janet’s Smiles

    1. Nurse's uniforms, then business clothes, were my forte on the work force. Now, I think I'll just do things that require jeans and sandals. Are you in, Janet?

  7. My uniform at home are either my sweats or my Jammie’s with my Oscar Madison blue bathrobe....of course bra less. As for fashion, comfort shoes all the way and I am aok in whatever I wear but, I just bought a velvet top..last week! I love it and will wear it proudly come Christmas

  8. By this criteria, I'm definitely a geezer! Comfort RULES!


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