Friday, April 19, 2019

If You Do This, You Might Be a Geezer: Q is for Quirks

Everyone knows that one of the pitfalls of youth is the power of peer pressure (I accidentally wrote peep pressure the first time...essentially the same thing). In the quest to find where you fit in or your place in the world, there's great potential for missteps. At worst, you fall in with the totally wrong crowd and start down a path that leads to ruin. In the best case scenario, you are lifted up with kind friends, nurturing relationships, and mutually beneficial adventures. 

Or maybe you don't aim that high and just want to hang with the cool kids and sit at their lunch table? To each, his own.

But, it goes without saying (and yet...I say it), everyone avoid the weirdos and oddballs. No one gravitates to that group unless you are in that group, in spite of what some B-movie comedies might suggest.

Here's where a change occurs and you see my geezer flag: I like the odd birds. Seriously, if I've known someone this long into adulthood and have an intimate knowledge of their personal arsenal of weirdness, apparently -- I'm all in. 

Quirkiness, for me, has to go beyond obsessive compulsive habits. Heck, everyone has a touch of that nowadays and it's just low level stuff. Iif you've had a lifetime to fine tune your quirkiness...bring it. 

Give me the former class clowns, dedicated pranksters, odd collectors, creative anachronism enthusiasts, speakers of Klingon, memorizers of the Ghostbusters script (especially if you do all the voices), food sculptors, and anyone who will do munchkins impersonations with me (just for the odd looks we will get). We will represent the Lullaby League! 

Make me laugh. There's plenty of serious time and we're not running out of reasons to scowl. Let's giggle at stupid things. I offer no apology for that sentiment.

The years have mellowed me and I realize that I love the quirky characters in my life so much more now than in the past. I appreciate and genuinely love their weirdness, obsessions, and most of all, the way they add a little color to life. Unique is awesome. The stranger, the better; as long as it's harmless. And all that weirdness we feared in our youth was 99.9% harmless. 

You do you, okay?

And, brothers and sisters...there's a lot of you quirksters out there. In general, as I said, I dig the free spirited, self professed looney toons of life. Come and sit by me and tell me your crazy stories. I've got a few of my own wild tales to spin. Have I told you about trespassing on Springsteen's yard? Quid pro quo, amigo.
  • If you really don't care if the rest of the world likes Dark Shadows (the original) and get that Barnabas tattoo...
  • If you have made your own super hero costume and think that's not at all weird because you only wear it in private...
  • If you have an odd collection and email me about every addition to it, EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NEVER INQUIRED ABOUT IT...
  • If your "style" has been questioned more than once, but that just makes you more committed...
  • If you look in the mirror and smile at your own antics, thinking, "I'm an original..."
  • If you've done some crazy sumpthin' just because it would make a good story...

...and I'd probably hang out with you.

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  1. Recently we had a FB discussion on "that one co-worker". I denied being one, and was told, "We call you the Trendsetter..."

    1. Chris, I know more funny, weird people that should be legal. I may be one of them, so pencil me in as a trendsetter, too!

  2. I never set any trends because nobody wanted to do what I was doing.

  3. I guess I've been a quirky geezer my entire life. All my childhood friends were the school weirdos and oddballs. I recognized my tribe young, LOL!

  4. Oh gosh...I’m quirky. In fact, just today, I went grocery shopping Nd love my socks so much I had to show the design, so I wore them Outside my black leggings..yes, yes I did. They were black socks with pussy cats on them


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