Saturday, April 20, 2019

If You Do This, You Might Be a Geezer: R is for Reruns

In my elementary school years (back in "the day"), there was no great joy than the Fall line up of new cartoons and shows for Saturday mornings. This parade of characters and shows was a HUGE deal to a kid! A new season, or better yet, a whole new series trumped every Saturday morning plan in September. My friends and I counted down the days like it was a Jonny Quest Advent Calendar.

Hype for the new shows came at a steady stream. Does any network even do that any more? Are there no cartoon junkies in our midst or did that whole genre disappear, only to be replaced by comic books and Marvel vs DC discussions? 

I'll admit, there were some real dogs in the new line ups...and we didn't seem to mind. It was new! Say what you will about it, we'd never seen the new and improved shows and we were willing to wade through a lot of dookie to find the gems. 

I have a theory that a big part of the joy of kid show anticipation centered on "NEW." The vast majority of the world is new to a single digit aged kid. You just want to gulp it all in and sort it out later.


  • If you have watched a 20+ year old movie more than 10 times...
  • If you have spent a day (recently) where everything you were  watching was in black and white...
  • If you use YouTube repeatedly to find episodes of old shows...
  • If you own a DVD compilation of an old series...

Get behind me on this one, geezer-peeps. Let's face it, we probably own a home...a TV or two...a DVD player...we're set in our ways...maybe we hate reality TV or American Idol...we have Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Amazon, YouTube, and a slew of other streaming options...

Why would we watch anything we don't want to watch? Or aren't sure we already like? This is the ultimate viewer control scenario. Bring on the reruns! I can re-do my whole childhood. Even the so-so shows. 

True Confession:  I actually watched H. R. Pufnstuf and The Banana Splits one night after the crew hit the sack. And I didn't even like them that much the first time around. But it's my television and I hold the remote, dagnabbit.

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  1. I love reruns! We're working our way through Cheers at the moment.

  2. 1. Several of them.
    2. No to this one. I'm not a B&W fan.
    3. I use youtube for music everyday.
    4. Several of them.

  3. Once "Reality" TV shows starting popping up, reruns and age-old movies were my go to's when I watched, which isn't much. I could watch old Perry Masons and Twilight Zones for days. Geezer here!

    Janet’s Smiles

  4. That qualifies me for geezerdom times 4. I watch a lot of black and white shows and movies. I have a few disc sets of old TV series--The Fugitive, Time Tunnel, and The Invaders and more. And though it's only a couple years old, I have watched The Greatest Showman over ten times since last fall!

    Just a side note HR Pufnstuf: Back in the 70s when the World of Sid and Marty Kroft was still a theme attraction in downtown Atlanta, I went there and was given a backstage view of the amazing puppet show they presented. The Pinball Ride was very cool. Too bad that attraction didn't gain greater popularity. It was an innovative place.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  5. My favourite go to show is Hogan's Heroes, Tim's is MASH both pretty old shows

  6. Is there such a thing as Saturday morning cartoons now? Life has changed so much. I watch a lot of black-and-white movies on Turner Classic Movies. You can't beat the classics. I have no idea how many times I've watched my favorite old movies.


  7. Right there with you. I am a proud resident of Gilligan's Island, a huge fan of Underdog, and live with a woman currently addicted to her Rockford Files box set. I miss those Friday nights watching the carefully-staggered "new cartoon season" shows. It was like visual Christmas.

  8. How much are you a geezer when you just gave up on TV and don't bother owning one? ... Asking for a friend. - Erin (

  9. I do NOT go back and watch reruns of shows from my childhood or youth. They ALWAYS disappoint me by their awfulness. Better to keep the golden, if inaccurate, memories of them intact in my mind.

  10. Total geezer but I was a geezer when I was 20 with this one since I love old movies especially the silent films. We now own many old tv shows from I Love Lucy to Hogan’s Heroes. Speaking of Saturday morning cartoons, I loved them and watched all the fun one from Superfriends to Scooby Doo, now give it up to H & R Puff N Stuff with Witchypoo and the talking flute.


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