Monday, April 22, 2019

If You Do This, You Might Be a Geezer: S is for Spam

Okay, bear with me on this one. 

When I was a youngster, I didn't have computer problems and maybe that was the a blessing that I was blissfully experiencing. Who could have predicted that by my high school years, the age of the home computer was slowly but surely ramping up. 

Now, I'm certifiably geeky about some things and for a time, I even considered myself proficient on multiple levels with the business end of a computer. I've even taught some kids' classes for programming and proficiency...or just to keep themselves from falling down the rabbit hold of useless clicking. So, I guess what I'm saying is I'm not totally worthless with a computer.

Except when it comes to SPAM. My homegrown acronym for the phenomenon that is spam is STUPID PUSHY ANNOYING or MALICIOUS. I'm open for suggestions, except for the fact that I'm afraid it will be a ploy that garners additional spam. My claim of ignorance is fueled with more than a little hyperbole, but dang! I don't want this much maintenance in my entertainment.

Every website I visit on the notorious internet wants an email to move forward...followed by a confirmation...followed by an endless parade of email... Each once of these ventures ends up with my personal version of spam-a-lot, minus the hilarious Monty Pythonesque dialogue and musical segways.

  • If you delete more email than you read...
  • If you visit too many sites that want your email address...
  • If your blog dashboard identifies waaaaaay too many comments about the Oscars...or sports...or exceptionally great offers...
YOU MIGHT BE A GEEZER (with a computer).

Seriously, what does a geezer have to do to clean up this once and for all? Ugh.

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  1. I have an email address that I use to log on to sites that I don't want to get emails from. I go there about once every three months and do a delete all.

  2. I delete a large number of emails, but I don't know if it's more than I read. Judging from the ones I do read, I probably should just start deleting a lot more. For me, email is another of many huge time sucks in my life.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  3. I know that someone is signing me up for newsletters. What I usually do is rescue them from spam and unsubscribe from them. But I get more than my share of Canadian pharmacies, porn sites, letters from "Nigerian princes," and phishing requests from people with email addresses like It goes into the trash unread. Come to think of it, that's where most of my regular mail goes...

  4. "Seriously, what does a geezer have to do to clean up this once and for all? Ugh."
    Step one: Get some envelopes and a mess of stamps.
    Step two: Take a hammer to your monitor.

  5. I also have an email account for all those sites I don't want shit from

  6. Hahahaaa....I don’t do too much but my hubby was so bad that he somehow gave himself 3 or 4 different e-mail names and had a spammer almost hack in where he unplugged everything, took the hard drive to someone to fix but not before taking a hammer to the computer....not kidding. Oh and before that my hubby somehow was able to delete almost everything and had to call my ex over, an expert in computers and helping out businesses, to bring the 8nfo back. It took my ex 4 hours to bring our pictures and other stuff back but, to this day, has no clue what my hubby did....neither does my hubby.

  7. I hate spam. I like your acronym. I have several different email addresses and do like Mike does. The ones I don't really want to hear from again I use a specific email address.

    Janet’s Smiles

  8. I didn't like the old Sapm, the meaty kind. I dislike its replacement in the cultural parlance even more.

  9. Great post! I have no problem unsubscribing from emails that hold no value. My acronym would be: Sneaky Perpetrators Antagonizing Me. As a person who sends out monthly emails, it's a struggle to keep them interesting. But if you unsubscribe, no hard feelings :-) - Dragons & Spaceships


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