Tuesday, May 7, 2019

BOTB Results!: The Harmony Battle is OH SO CLOSE!

Well, it was a close one this time and I'm tempted to throw my vote on the pile, but that would CREATE a tie! Then again...if I created a tie, I could let both of the "winners" sing us out...hmmmm....

This is how the voting went:

The Thorns:  Arlee, Stephen, Birgit, John, Cherdo

The Lumineers: Mike (I'm shocked that more didn't like this one)

Dan Fogelberg: Debra, aisasami, Debbie D., Chris, Mary B.

Technically, the winner is DAN FOGELBERG! Let's be real, it's tough to beat Dan Fogelberg...that voice...oh, my gosh, I love it. 

But, I really dig The Thorns and I'm a bit miffed that I discovered them after then had disbanded. I'm a day late and a dollar (or more) short, as the saying goes. And my little old vote would have tied this gig.

So, I'll play them both! Because I can!

First, to the victor...play us out, Dan!:

And just because...The Thorns!

See you on the 15th -- but you need to see these peeps right now!


  1. An excellent Battle, DOC MacSIS! We both had tight races this time. Gotta dig that!

    Ya know, in yer reply to my comment on the field of Battle, you wrote this:

    >>... " I think a dumb song title battle is on the horizon."

    Ya know?... Ya know?... I'm just warped enough to embrace something like that. Give it some thought and maybe we can combine one o' these times and put together a BOTB tournament featuring dumb song titles.

    I once did a full blog bit about really dumb song lyrics (such as, "the heat was hot"), and I might be able to really get into a BOTB theme about dumb song titles.

    Sleep on it a little and get back to me when you can and wanna.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  2. I guess my vote didn't come through. I voted for Fogelberg anyway.

    1. Never mind, I just thought I'd voted! Last Wednesday was all a blur...

  3. Not only am I in last place, but I'm there by myself. I feel special.

  4. Close battles are good! ☺ And yes, Dan Fogelberg is tough to beat. Kudos to The Thorns for making it a real contest (and Cherdo, too).

  5. I'm happy to let Fogelberg win since his music has such meaning in my life. I did like the Lumineers but in the context of the harmony theme I didn't feel it so much for their performance--but it's a good song and I've enjoyed the group when I've seen them perform on TV.

    Another fine Battle...

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  6. If Alex's vote went through, Fogelberg wins but I like that it was a tie

  7. Darlin' Cherdo,

    First let me apologize for not stopping in to vote. I really intended to do that but with DH's dental surgery and coming off the A2Z thingy I was half out of my mind. Sounds like a good excuse, so I'm sticking with it. Seriously, I feel like my brain is a bit loopy with everything going on. Anywho, had I had the chance to vote I think I would've gone with The Thorns. I really dig their sound. That's too bad they disbanded. Congrats to Dan for the win! He's a great vocalist! BTW, did you do a Reflections post?


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Love, Cherdo