Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Battle of the Bands: The Harmony Battle

Welcome to May and The Battle of the Bands!  In case you don't know, FAR AWAY EYES started this grand romp of a blogging event and it is currently hosted and promoted by brudder, "The Extra Beachy Beach Boy," STEPHEN T. McCARTHY. The mighty Battle gets posted on the 1st and 15th of each month and results appear magically six days later, on the 7th and 21st. You get the honor of casting a vote in the comments below to tell me which tune is your favorite and why (if you want to elaborate). If it's absolutely necessary, I add my own humble vote to break a tie and announce the winner, but why sully the whole event?

True Confessions of a Battle of the Bands veteran: if you held a gun to my head (please, don't...not really necessary), I'd tell you that my deepest secret is that I love those beautiful harmonies more than anything. Kinda got a thing for acoustic guitar, too, being an acoustic player a folksy sound works nicely for me, too. Today, I treat myself.

Let the battle begin! 

"Among the Living"

"Hey, Ho"

"Leader of the Band"

Vote! Do any of these tune trip your trigger? Do they make you want to get out the ole' Gibson or Fender? Vote first, then strum to your heart's content. 

Then check out the peeps' blogs! Vote come more, it burns more calories and lowers your bad cholesterol (I didn't fact check that...but, yeah! Go with it!).


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  2. My first wife turned me on to Fogelberg as this was her favorite artist. We even named our son Daniel after Fogelberg. I like his music a lot, but "Leader of the Band" is one of my lesser favorites--but it's good. Lumineers' tune is catchy, but the harmony is not what grabs me about this tune.

    I've never heard of The Thorns but they had a sound like CSN&Y. Nice harmony, nice song--I vote for The Thorns.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. My Dad loved "Leader of the Band." I can't hear it without thinking of him.

  3. I love "Leader of the Band" as I love the oldie folk sound! It's so pretty!

    BTW, I just changed sites and went to a self-hosting blog. Check it out here:

  4. Dan Fogelberg's dulcet tones do it for me. ☺ All three are good, though.

  5. DOC MacSIS ~
    You know my extra beachy soul also loves great harmonizing.

    The Lumineers were not bad but didn't really do a whole lot for me.

    I have always liked that Dan Fogelberg song, but I think maybe I've heard it too many times at this point.

    I had never even heard of THE THORNS before, but I really dug the melody and their harmonizing was top-notch. My vote for them has been signed and sealed, and you may now deliver it.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. I love that tune so much! All the members had solo careers (Matthew Sweet, Shawn Mullins, Pete Droge).

      Pete Droge's song, "If You Don't Love Me I'll Just Kill Myself" cracks me up. I think a dumb song title battle is on the horizon.

  6. I heard of the second 2 but there is something about The Thorns. I love their harmony and reminds me of folk music so they get my vote.

  7. Sorry, not sure which one I would pick as acoustic guitar metal is more my style. And yes, I can pick up my Gibson and play it!

  8. Number 2 is the only one I know. Thus my vote for 2.

    When I saw the last one I thought I knew it. It just my mind tricking me. I was thinking of

    1. Ya lost me there...I'm not as quick as I used to be...

  9. The only one of these three that I would even judged on the basis of their harmony is The Thorns, and it was very good, so they get my vote here.

  10. Dan gets my vote... especially that song.

  11. Hey there!

    Fun selection you have here. I hadn't heard The Thorns before, but I quite liked them. I had head the other two, and between those two it was hands down a Dan Fogleberg win. So that narrows it down to two for me to choose from.

    I listened to both twice before making my choice here, because I wanted to be sure that it wasn't just nostalgia making the vote. Overall, my vote comes in for Dan Fogelberg. I just love his voice.

    1. Cause he is DAN. The king o' mellow, folksy tunes.

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