Tuesday, July 23, 2019

BOTB Results: "Baby, Baby" Takes It!

This past July 15th battle was oooohhhh sooooo close! My girl, Amy Grant, remains ever peppy and wholesome -- even though she only won by ONE. That's the spirit, Amy! Don't doubt your awesomeness, you Pied Piper of Pep.

So, how did those votes (botes) go?

AMY: Janie, Mike, John, Janet, Birgit, Arlee, Mike
SMOKEY: Debra, Stephen, Mary B., The Armchair Squid, Chris, Debbie D.
BIEBER (No tears, man!): Because no one ever says it anymore, I'll just call this "the null set." Am I the only one who learned that? Surely not, I was in a classroom of nerds...where have they gone?

A few things I learned: 
1) Everyone things Amy is a pep-ster. 
2) Bieber's fan base is...meh...which is funny, considering his fame.
3) Smokey still has it...but he needed just a touch more. A believe a brisk wind could have changed this outcome.

You know the drill, my people -- to the victor. Sing us out, Amy!

Join us on August 1 (already??) for the next Battle of the Bands. In the meanwhile, have you checked out the other battles? How did you do? 


  1. Yeah for Amy! Yeah.....I think most of his fan base are under 20 yrs old.

    1. Agreed. And the Biebs is getting older but not really producing the hits.

  2. A one-vote margin of victory = A terrific Battle Of The Bands installment!
    Well played, MacSIS. You had one of only a couple of BOTB contests in this round that was close. Most of us were dwelling in Blowoutville.

    See ya again in August, my good friend.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  3. Nice match up. I don't think Bieber is all that bad, but I prefer his newer stuff. I guess.


  4. Very late as usual and I would have voted for Amy.


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