Monday, July 8, 2019

BOTB: Who is REALLY Stayin' Alive?

Whoops! Took Sunday off mentally and didn't realize July 7th had come. Geezerdom is feeling so homey lately. 

In the spirit of unity, I believe everyone questioned the wisdom of anyone re-doing "Stayin' Alive" in light of the Bee Gees HUGE success with said tune. I have to agree. 


DWEEZIL ZAPPA AND OZZIE OSBOURNE pulled off a win on this one and it would be far easier to tell you who didn't vote for them!

Dweezil & Ozzie:  Alex, Mary B, Debbie D., Mike (of Billions...), CWMartin, Magical Mystery Mimi, Cathy K., Janie Junebug, Gilly, and Mike (Ramblings)

Bruce Springsteen: Arlee

Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles: Stephen T. McCarthy, John Holton

A few thoughts: 1) I think Dweezil can pull off a range of genres. Ozzie always sounds like Ozzie, so if you like're good. 2) When I think of disco, the name Bruce Springsteen does not come up. 3) Funk makes everything worthwhile when it's done right. Cory Henry is doing it right.

Once again, thank you for your votes and to the victors! Sing us out, Ozzie, and shred us out, Dweezil!

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  1. I picked the winner!
    Dweezil is good in small doses. I saw him in concert (do the Zappa experience on the Prog Nation tour with headliner Dream Theater) and ninety minutes plus of repetitive beach music was too much.

  2. At least my vote assured that one artist didn't get shut out even though Springsteen might deserve it. I still prefer the Bee Gees.


  3. I'm not voting, just focusing on staying alive ;)


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