Thursday, August 15, 2019

Battle of the Bands: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

A big thanks to FAE (faraway eyes) for the original creative spark that started what would become the Battle of the Bands and to STEPHEN T. McCARTHY for hosting this madcap musical love fest. The Battle gets posted on the 1st and 15th of each month and results appear magically six days later, SOME TIME (God willing) on the 7th and 21st. You get the honor of casting a vote in the comments below to tell me which tune is your favorite and why (if you want to elaborate). If it's absolutely necessary, I add my own humble vote to break a tie and announce the winner...and you see how your vote stacked up against thems that is playin' along...God bless 'em.

Lately, I've been battling "themes" and I'm still likin' that vibe. There's no end to songs dedicated to the topic of love, longing, get the picture. Lies are a big ole' emotional quagmire that have served as muse to a number of fine musicians. So...why not battle that out, eh?

I'm not lying! These songs turn the big, dark, truthful mirrow on the most despicable of human faux pas...lies.

These three songs all reach out and grab my senses for one reason or another. I'm a huge fan of Glen, love, love the Trio album with Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton -- so, so much! And the Eminem/Rhianna song is just really powerful, lyrically and visually. Advance notice, language on that one, but it seems to fit with the out of control anger depicted in the video.

It's has the potential to stir up an emotional roller coaster for folks today on the Flipside -- they're crooning about lies! Nobody likes them, everyone has gotten burned by them...and these artists turned it into gold.


"Telling Me Lies"

"Love the Way You Lie"
(Apologies for language!)

This is a tough battle. What's gonna come out on top? I can't even guess. You'll have to come back on the 21st to see for yourself.

But you're not done yet! Now, run over to my peeps' blogs and vote on their battles! I think you're gonna get good at this. I'm not lying.


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    1. Hey, a new visitor!! Thanks for playing along. I agree!

  2. Replies
    1. Really one of my favorite albums, hands down. Perfectly suited to each other, IMHO.

  3. All very different. Not a fan of Eminem, so I'll go with Trio.

    1. Not a fan, either. He irritates me, 99.4% of the time. But I really dig this pairing and the raw emotion. He is well suited for anger rap.

  4. Without question, Trio. I just didn't like the other two.

  5. I ain't gonna lie--not a fan of any of these. Though I like much of what I've heard by Hansard, I found this "Lies" song kind of sappy, not so much lyrically, but just the general sound of it. I don't care for the style of the Eminem song either. That one wold have been improved without the profanity and the rap. Nice hook in the chorus, but not enough for the song to grab me.

    The Trio song is one that I don't find to be particularly memorable, but at least it was more listenable for me than the other two.

    Give my vote to the ladies of the trio.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  6. The first one was so drippy and hard to hear them that i felt they were singing through marshmellows. I hate RAP so the song died as soon as M & M (nyuck nyuck) starting ranting. Trio is my choice although not my favourite but it was the best especially with Linda in it

  7. Hey there Cherdo!

    This was a tough one for me. To borrow Lee's comment from another battle - I'm going to go with the one the annoyed me the least.

    My vote is going to Trio.

  8. Well, Doc MacSis, this is really just between 1 and 2 for me. The moment that Enema came in with his rappin', I shut the video off. It's bad enough that I have to be subjected to that stuffs whenever some dopey, Millennial, White wannabe-gangsta pulls up next to me at a red light in his mama's soccer-mommobile.

    Like everyone else, I'll vote for TRIO.

    "Bring back The Partridge Family!! That's it!! That's muh rulin'."

    ~ D-FensDogG

  9. #2 Telling Me Lies gets my vote. Less self indulgent with modesty and effectiveness.

  10. I'll go with TRIO, for the best vocals and easiest listenability. The first was too sappy and the last, too jarring. TRIO hit the right middle ground, for me.


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