Thursday, November 7, 2019

BOTB Results: What Gets You on Your Feet? I Happen to Know...

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Your girl, Cherdo, was on the road this week, coordinating a family member's "stuff" and heavy into the art scene tasks. So little time to do it all, so I created my post and scheduled it in advance. Once I was out of town, I didn't have a minute (or the connection) to participate fully. I offer my heartfelt apologies and I'll be totally on board on Dec. favorite post month, by the way. 

All that said, The Whispers nailed it with my faithful voters, followed closely by Pink and I don't know what happened with Outkast, but at least Arlee saw to their needs. Well played, sir.

The Votes!

John H., Janet, Mary B, Stephen, Mike, CWMartin, aisasami, Cathy

Debra, Alex, Dolorah, Debbie D., Birgit, Mike


To the victors, my friends! Sing us out, Whispers! Hey, that sounds weird. Whisper us out, singers? Either way, here they are, and just try to tell me that you aren't swaying a little as you listen:

If you haven't gotten gotten around to it yet, it's time to check out the other peeps' blogs for their results! Come on, don't be shy!

We all appreciate your participation. Invite a friend to participate, too! We'll see you back here with another battle on the first of the month. 


Friday, November 1, 2019

Battle of the Bands: What Gets You on Your Feet?

Where are my images, Blogger? Anyone else having this issue this morning? I don't know, but I have to hit the road, so this is the generic header...use your imagination...wait, not THAT much.

A big thanks to FAE (faraway eyes) for the original creative spark that started what would become the Battle of the Bands and to STEPHEN T. McCARTHY for hosting and keeping us on track. The Battle gets posted on the 1st of each month and results appear magically six days later, SOME TIME (God willing) on the 7th. Cast your vote in the comments below to tell me which tune is your favorite and why. If it's absolutely necessary, I add my own incoherent vote to break any ties and announce the winner...and you get to see how your vote stacked up against the wonderful peeps of the IoT.

Today, I'm challenging you all to 
answer this musical question: 
What song gets you on your feet and dancing? 

Considering the average age of my peeps (I didn't say it was good or bad, young or old, you can do that math on your own know who you are...and for how LONG you've been that person), I'm pulling songs from several decades. 

In my younger days, there were always those tunes that you OWNED. You know that gig...swaying to some nondescript pop sound when the new song hear the first few bars and you can't help but announce, "THAT'S MY SONG!" as you drag your nearest and dearest friend to the dance floor.

Been there. Done that. Wash and repeat ad infinitum. 

Let's battle...and I'll try to tone down the disco leanings.

"Rock Steady"

"Get This Party Started"

"Hey Ya!"

There's no possible way to cover all the great dance tunes and I've tried to shy away from obvious favorites. If you don't see yours here (likely), tell me about it in the comments below - but, vote for your favorite among the top three listed! 

Then visit these fine bloggers - there's a battle on every corner. 

Travel time for Cherdo! Say a prayer for good weather and smooth, driving. My thanks, in advance. 😊😊😊