Saturday, March 7, 2020

BOTB Results: Whiskey in the Jar

Battle Barons and Baronesses, what God hath wrought? Here's the results to the Battle of the Band for March 1, 2020!

Let me tell you, I could have sworn I was sliding into a landslide victory for the Irish Rovers on this one, but Thin Lizzy held their own against them right up till the very last minute. No shame, lads; no shame at all. A little surprised to find that Celtic, Celtic Thimble...uh, Thunder...didn't seem to be many folks' cup o' tea. So, how did it shake out?

Celtic Thunder:

Thin Lizzy: 6
Arlee, Mike, Cathy, aisasami, Debbie D., and Kim

Irish Rovers: 7
Mary B. Debra, Stephen, John, angryparsnip, Diedre and Birgit

Squeaking ahead to take the win: THE IRISH ROVERS!! Sing us out, boys!

Join me and the gang on April 1 for another battle AND another Stephen T. McCarthy/Cherdo on the Flipside challenge to make our theme honor (Honor? Is there honor among fools?) April Fools's all about fools & foolishness, folks. Let the music take us where it will.

How'd you do on YOUR vote in the other battles? Go, find out! Defend your honor! I've got stuff to do for April 1st. See you then.

For those of you who thought drinking was required 
for the past battle, here are YOUR results:

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Battle of the Bands: A Challenge in Honor of (hic) St. Paddy's Day and the Like

As always, a big thank you to FAE (faraway eyes) for the original creative spark that started what would become the Battle of the Bands and to STEPHEN T. "Brudder!" McCARTHY for hosting and keeping us on track. My personal Battle gets posted on the 1st of each month and results appear magically six days later, God willing. Several of the battling buddies post on the 15th also, so make sure you check them out!

First of all, let's review the challenge posted by dear, ole' Stephen T. McCarthy of Battlin' bloggers' fame, on the occasion of my LAST battle wrap-up:

Stephen T. McCarthy, February 22, 2020 at 2:07 PM:
Pretty decent Battle, vote margin-wise, DOC CHERDO.

You've done this before, huh? This warn't yer first rodeo, wuz it?

Hey, see ya again March 1st-ish.  I'm trying to decide what to do in my next Battle. And since Saint Paddy's Day is next month, I've thought that maybe you and I should team up to do Irish singers / musicians and tell some of the old wild 'n' crazy 'n' embarrassin' drinking stories from our rebellious youts. (You got any? ;^) If not, I'll rent you one of mine at a special low "Green Beer" rate of only $1.99 per day. Because that's just the kinda friend and brudder I yam!)
~ Stephen

DogGtor of Alcohology & King of Inebriation Nation

CHERDO: "Uh...yes please."

Rebellious youts? Of course, I've got a tale or two, but I must see your ID to make sure you're old enough to hear them. After all, I grew up during the rule of DISCO, where everything you did had a two drink minimum and that was the one peer pressure "thing" I caved on. 

Now, young Stephen T. McCarthy has given me the impression that he is the expert on rabble rousing and bar hop-o-pedia. You may think that I'm going to pull out a shocking tale of debauchery that will be whispered about for years to come; perhaps a night in the lock up or forgotten, blacked out weekends.

I got nuttin' like that, but I do have one story that we still laugh about amongst my Ohio pals...and it involves "the drink." 

Cindy, my dear pal, and I had just experienced a horrid week, stressful and pushing all the buttons. We've all been there at one time or another, I'm sure. It was Saturday and a gang of musicians were at her house and we set off to the grocery store to by supplies to whip up a meal. 

Along the way, we decided that we'd stop at The Lodge, a local tavern, and have a beverage.

You must understand this: we were BOTH the non-drinker kind of drinkers. We liked our drinks in beautiful pastels with umbrellas or skewered fruit, you savvy? In fact, when I used to have to deal with the "two drink minimum," I usually let my buddy pick for me or I ordered the first thing that came to mind because I really didn't like ANY alcoholic drink but I was stupid enough to drink them to fit in to the scene, so to speak. So screwdrivers, rum and Coke, mimosas, anything I'd heard of before might be my order...but not because I actually liked it. I knew very little about drinks and drinking and as a result, I was also the first one to get snookered because of my lack of expertise, shall we say.

On this particular evening, we decided to follow the suggestion of a friend who told us: "The Lodge has really good Long Island Ice Teas."  

The website says this about the Long Island Ice Tea: "On paper, the Long Island Iced Tea is one hot mess of a drink. Four different—and disparate—spirits slugging it out in a single glass, along with triple sec, lemon juice and cola? The recipe reads more like a frat house hazing than one of the world’s most popular cocktails. And yet, somehow, it works."

Uh...I didn't know any of that at the time. It just sounded harmless and we had a small amount of time, so as we reviewed Hell Week in conversation as we slurped down an awfully large Tom Collins glass of the legendary Long Island Iced Tea. Wow. It hit me all at once and I was rubber-legged.

Believe me, friends of Blogland, when I say I staggered out the door...shocking, really, if you don't know the Long Island Iced Tea recipe but you better believe I looked it up later: vodka, rum, tequila, gin...OH MY. It's no wonder I was the one-drink-drunk. 

Off to the grocery store we went; at this point, we were in a bit of a hurry. Rounding the corner of one of the aisles in the store, we saw a huge display made of canned goods. HUGE. It was pretty cool and I think the words "pretty cool" were still hanging in the air as I bumped the base of the display and it all came tumbling down. The noise seemed to go on forever and the cans rolled so far away from original location that it was really quite impressive. Cans were the store was suddenly filled with them. I thought the stock boy was turning blue; his mouth just hung open and he stared at the can was a Libby's Libby's Libby's Humpty Dumpty scenario. No chance at putting it back together again.

We said "sorry", paid for our minimal purchases, and left. We should have walked home; seriously. And no...I never did go into that store again.

The End.

[I learned to order Seven-Up with looks like a drink. Bam. Take that, peers. Who's walking a straight line now?]


The song that every Irish lad and lass knows: Whiskey in the Jar.  It's rock versus folk versus travelin' show! 




You know that St. Patrick would be proud.

Enough about me and my misspent yout...these fine bloggers have battles that need votes as much as mine! So, tell me which one you prefer and maybe even why you prefer that particular version and hurry on down to the other battlin' bloggers.

We will all see you back here on the 7th.