Saturday, March 7, 2020

BOTB Results: Whiskey in the Jar

Battle Barons and Baronesses, what God hath wrought? Here's the results to the Battle of the Band for March 1, 2020!

Let me tell you, I could have sworn I was sliding into a landslide victory for the Irish Rovers on this one, but Thin Lizzy held their own against them right up till the very last minute. No shame, lads; no shame at all. A little surprised to find that Celtic, Celtic Thimble...uh, Thunder...didn't seem to be many folks' cup o' tea. So, how did it shake out?

Celtic Thunder:

Thin Lizzy: 6
Arlee, Mike, Cathy, aisasami, Debbie D., and Kim

Irish Rovers: 7
Mary B. Debra, Stephen, John, angryparsnip, Diedre and Birgit

Squeaking ahead to take the win: THE IRISH ROVERS!! Sing us out, boys!

Join me and the gang on April 1 for another battle AND another Stephen T. McCarthy/Cherdo on the Flipside challenge to make our theme honor (Honor? Is there honor among fools?) April Fools's all about fools & foolishness, folks. Let the music take us where it will.

How'd you do on YOUR vote in the other battles? Go, find out! Defend your honor! I've got stuff to do for April 1st. See you then.

For those of you who thought drinking was required 
for the past battle, here are YOUR results:


  1. Yay! I've loved the Irish Rovers ever since I was a little girl.

    1. Per usual, I like them all -- but this was a surprise!

  2. So close! It's strange coming in second. I'm usually with the firsts or lasts.

    1. I remember you in the top group more often...I'm too lazy to do the math, so I replace it with a cloud of Goodwill around you.

  3. I guess no one else is a metal head. I should've left my vote for Metallica instead.

    1. Actually, I'm surprised by the outcome...I thought Thin Lizzy was a shoo-in (is that how you spell that? Lol). The thought occurred to me that I might not have balanced it out well and they'd take it in a landslide.

      Who knew?

  4. DOC MacSIS ~

    An excellent match-up! Well... The Irish Rovers and Thin Lizzy, anyway. Looks like you could have left Celtic Ti-iiiii-m-mmm-ber in the pub.

    One-vote victory margins are the best that can happen in BOTB, and I'm happy that The Irish Rovers crossed the finish line in first place.

    See ya on April Fool's Day, m'dear.

    (Did you fool around and fall in love? ;o)

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. You know, I've been busy with this whole CoVid 19 deal, illness, getting one of my boys moved back home...there so much more foolishness to glean from -- more than I considered. This will be a goodie.

  5. Good battle! Too bad Thin Lizzy lost, but it seems fitting for the Irish Rovers to win, since this was a St. Patrick's Day contest. ☺

  6. At least no one got shut out. I guess it's most appropriate that The Irish Rovers came out ahead--though not by much.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  7. That was a close match between the leading contenders. Unfortunately my pick lost but by not much. :) Be well, my friend.

    1. You, too, Cathy! Stay away from those non-handwashing crazies.


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