Friday, May 1, 2020

Battle of the Bands: Are You Ready for a Change?

As always, a big thank you to FAE (faraway eyes) for the original creative spark that started what would become the Battle of the Bands and to STEPHEN T. "Brudder!" McCARTHY for hosting and keeping us on track. My personal Battle gets posted on the 1st of each month and results appear magically on the seventh, God willing. Several of the battling buddies post on the 15th also, so make sure you visit and vote, with or without a mask, political affiliation be derned. We're all human beanz.

Well, here we are again...thirty days older and maybe, just maybe, thirty days wiser. But it's hard to tell, really. Since last we battled our tunes, there's been a great thrust of info flung our way and it's debatable as to it's value. 

That's a lie, in this case, because I'm not here to debate. I'm here to ask one question: "Are you ready for a CHANGE?" 

Any change of your choice! I don't know anyone who hasn't had a few days where they questioned something...or everything...that is going on in the world today. What changes need to happen? Better information, less information, more truth, less flotsam & jetsam, more medicine, less opinion, more freedom, less virus, more dining out, less frozen dinners, more friends getting together, less lonely shut-ins, more solid faith and belief, less smorgasbords of lukewarm flights of thought, less politics, more leadership, less big gov, more small business, less arguing, more hugging? Yeah, I am ready for a change. I'll bet you are, too.

Let's do whatever we can to get outta the rut, get back on track, put the cart before the horse, get a breath of fresh air, make a clean sweep, shake things up, or any of your favorite idioms (insert them here)! The only question that remain unanswered "what shall be our theme song?" Hey, I know how you all are wired -- there has to be music in the mix. 

Which band will come out on top in the battle to provide our background notes? It's up to you, peeps to choose. 




Don't waste another minute! Vote in the comments and as soon as possible -- do your best to make positive change happen. 

And tell me what YOU want that change to look like. I truly want to know. 'Cause something's gotta give.


  1. I'm ready for change from the way things are to another time like things used to be. But as has been said, "The more things change the more they stay the same". Not sure where things are going, but really did we ever?

    Of the songs, I like them all, but my favorite would be "Times They Are A-Changing" My favorite versions of that song were the ones by the Beach Boys and especially The Byrds. I can recall sitting by my turntable copying the lyrics to that song from the Byrds version. I probably still have that lyric sheet somewhere in my papers.

    So cast my vote for Dylan.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. "I'm ready for change from the way things are to another time like things used to be..."

      Lee, I couldn't have said it better. That is the chanting echo in my hollow skull.


  2. I'm going with David Bowie. It's the song I remember. The chchchchanges song. But there was also a Black Sabbath song called changes. And then...
    "Changes" (Black Sabbath song), 1972
    "Changes" (David Bowie song), 1971
    "Changes" (Faul & Wad Ad song), 2013
    "Changes" (Gareth Gates song), 2007
    "Changes" (Imagination song), 1982
    "Changes" (Tupac Shakur song), 1998
    "Changes" (Will Young song), 2008
    "Changes" (XXXTentacion song), 2018
    "Changes" (Yes song), 1983
    "Changes", a 1966 single by Crispian St. Peters
    "Changes", a song by "Buddy" Miles & Jimi Hendrix on the album Band of Gypsys
    "Changes", a song by Jane's Addiction
    "Changes", a song by Phil Ochs
    "Changes", a song by the Spanish Artist Dareysteel 2003
    "Changes", a song by Godsmack on the album Faceless
    "Changes", a song by The Zombies on the album Odessey and Oracle
    "Changes", a song by 3 Doors Down on the album Away from the Sun
    "Changes", a song by Sugar on the album Copper Blue
    "Changes", a song by Chris Lake
    "Changes", a song by Moby Grape on their album Moby Grape
    "Changes", a song by Santana on their album Zebop!
    "Changes", a song by Mala of Digital Mystikz
    "Changes", a single by Dirty Vegas from their third studio album Electric Love
    "Changes", a single by Alan Price featured in the 1973 British comedy-drama O Lucky Man!
    "Changes", a promotional single by Brooke Candy
    "Changes - #FreeArchi", a song by Char Avell

    1. You are in rare form, Mike! Ha ha ha, this really made me smile. provides plenty of theme music potential. I thank you, sir.

  3. Yup, we are all ready for some changes, that's for sure! Of these three, I have to go with Bob Dylan. His is an iconic song that opens a floodgate of memories for most of us old hippies. ☺

    1. It's a classic song! Did you ever see him in concert? I got to see him once; it was great.

      Thanks, Debbie!

  4. Ready for a change and ready to see the world live again.
    David Bowie all the way!

    1. That's the spirit! I'm SO ready.

      Thanks, Alex!

  5. Make all the changes you listed happen, and you'd have a pretty good start.

    As for which song I enjoyed the best. give my vote to Ziggy Stardust, aka David Bowie. I found it hard to listen to the other two.

    1. Well, I gotta mix it up...

      I'd be okay if those changes were the short list. :-)

      Thanks, John!

  6. Replies
    1. I'm counting you, Janet! I'm double checking it, too.

      Thanks, girl!

  7. I cast my vote for Bob Dylan! Classic voice, classic song! You can say "OK Boomer" all you want, I don't care.

    1. Same here! 😆 We had the best music!

    2. I can't say "okay Boomer" without talking to MYSELF. I'm a Boomer, too. And I agree with both Deb's opinions!!

  8. My world is constantly changing. David Bowe gets my vote on this one.

    1. You and me both, and me both. :-)

      Thanks, Mike!

  9. DOC MacSIS ~

    I know you know that I knew how I'd be a-votin' on this Battle even before I listened to the songs.

    Bowie -- nah! Just too cr-cr-cr-cree-eee-py.

    Ziggy -- nah! No real hardcore "there" there.

    ZIMMY -- Yeah! Robert Zimmerman, of course. A true genius of a songwriter, "the voice of his generation" and all of that truth. His voice may sound like beer tasted the first time you sipped it - an acquired taste, to be sure - but the songs... the songs were coming from a place that even Zimmy couldn't explain. Somehow, he found himself in a creative zone that was perfect for his changin' times.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    "And the first one now will later be last"
    Even early on, he was channeling stuffs from The Bible and never even knew it. It was almost like he was Divinely set up to be that "voice of a generation". God tapped him on the shoulder, like Jesus chose Saul, and said, "You!"
    Bob Dylan: "Who? Me? What??!"

    1. Ole' Bob is a too notch songwriter with more than a little insight and wisdom. I'd defend that to the end!

      That voice sometimes, though...God gave him extra extra songwriting ability and gifts to make up for it.

      Thanks, brudder!

  10. Replies
    1. A man of few words...but they're welcome words. I'll take 'em. Thanks, Chris!

  11. You know this is a dangerous Battle for me as I am spending my lockdown with Sting and David Bowie. I loooooooooooooooooooooove Bowie and loved his career, especially in Labyrinth. I have been into Absolute Beginners.

    I choose Bowie hands down. I did listen to the others, but Bowie is the winner for me. He is such a cutie! <3

    Check out my newest battle about Mother's Day here!

    1. Hey, any vote for Bowie is okay by me!! To Hanks!

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