Wednesday, July 8, 2020

BOTB Results...and the Wildest, Worldliest is...

A shout out to Ed O'Neill, Youngstown's finest. We've made him a local legend and this fine meme just adds to his glory, in spite of the fact he had nothing to do with it's creation. 

I thought I'd heard everything, then I saw the banning of singing in church. Wow. Didn't see that one coming. And I'm pretty sure it is inspiring more people to sing in church. 


Then Kanye West said he was running for President under his Birthday Party. And friends, Kanye might NOT be the worst choice. 
Huntington's Disease Youth Organization - Teens - Ask a Question
As for the question posed: If you could fix one problem in the world, just one - what would it beThere were no duds in the answers, all of them had merit, but I do like Birgit's request to rid the world of stupidity. When you think about it, that would cover so much! Regardless of your specific spirituality or beliefs, if there is a God (there is, spoiler...not that I'm opinionated), then He has this in his sights. It still would help to decrease stupidity. 

If you don't believe in God, well stupidity just makes it harder, eh?

So, what about them there battles, Cherdo? Well, the only way to answer that question is with a highly technical process. Step back and don't touch anything while I pull this one off...literally.

Mr. Big, you win! It was the hair that made you love them, tell the's always the hair. Now, you know the drill, so TO THE VICTORS!!  Let's see a live version from their 1996 Japan tour!

Check out these other battles and see their outcomes -- how did YOU do? I'll see you (God willing) on August 1st...who knows what might happen by then. Take care and be blessed, peeps. 



  1. Oh, that first one is perfect...

  2. So let me get this straight: In California, viruses spread faster by music than by, say, breathing... I'd like to see Gov tell everyone "No baseball in California" and then see the outcry...

    1. In California, it spreads faster in churches than in crowded's a tricky virus, apparently.

  3. If 2020 isn't the weirdest year ever then those weirder ones were before my 70 years of living. This year is the weirdest one that I can ever remember and I'm counting on it to get weirder.

    Glad to see my pick win. I mean, if I had to listen to only one of those versions all the time then Mr. Big would be most tolerable to me.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Once again, I gotta agree...with both points.

  4. Music and love spread a virus, ok got it

    1. Yeah, and I can't do without either, so I'm in trouble. :-)


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