Monday, September 7, 2020

BOTB and the Fabulous Results


Welcome to the delayed count, not to blame the Postal System (ya'll are still good and a BARGAIN in my book, but I'll be voting in person...wait, what in the world am I talking about? This has nothing to do with the BOTB results). 

Busy week - better late, than never, peeps!

First and foremost, thank you for your response to the question: "Are we definitively accomplishing what we set out to do?" I don't have to agree with anyone, but I do like people who have solid opinions and are not afraid. That wins points in my book. If you are fearless and kind, bam - you're my peeps. And I think you are just that. Danke schoen...I forgot how to make an umlaut, but it's there in spirit. 

My opinion, in a nutshell: we've lost our way. I think it's sad and I pray it turns around.

As for our winner? 

THE FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS!! I'm not really surprised but I do confess that I was impressed with the covers. To the victor! Sing us out! 

Now check out these other fine folks - they're the best and I'm just a pitiful tag-a-long. Love to you all!

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Battle of the Bands: Ain't That Tough Enough


I'm jumping right into this battle with a big question on my mind...we're wearing masks, keepin' to ourselves, e-chatting and video-scatting through the week. Are we definitively accomplishing what we set out to do? I'm starting to wonder. 

That's kind of a fib...I've always wondered. Your thoughts? Gather them together, 'cause that's the question of the week.

Also, as a veteran of this wonderful BATTLE OF THE BANDS  journey, I've been noticing that sometimes, a song -- not a musician -- stands alone. In other words, if you're a reasonable decent musician, you are gonna rock it. Maybe it's the bass line or a great hook, but that song will hold up, no matter the delivery.

The Fabulous Thunderbirds made it famous, but the song is a rocking masterpiece. Who does it best? Can a famous modern day rocker or a bar band do it justice, too? You decide...that's the challenge. And I have to ask:





Vote in the comments and give me your take on the question of the day. Then drop by my good friends' blogs using the links below. We all appreciate it...and we ARE a tough crowd. We're vetted and crowned "tough enough." Amen.

As always, a big thank you (and big prayers folks...keep 'em coming for sweet FAE) to FAE (faraway eyes) for the original creative spark that started what would become the Battle of the Bands and to STEPHEN T. "Dats my Brudder-from-anudder-mudder fo' so' " McCARTHY for hosting and keeping us on track. My personal Battle gets posted on the 1st of each month and results appear magically on the seventh, God willing. Several of the battling buddies post on the 15th also, so make sure you visit and vote.