Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Battle of the Bands: Ain't That Tough Enough


I'm jumping right into this battle with a big question on my mind...we're wearing masks, keepin' to ourselves, e-chatting and video-scatting through the week. Are we definitively accomplishing what we set out to do? I'm starting to wonder. 

That's kind of a fib...I've always wondered. Your thoughts? Gather them together, 'cause that's the question of the week.

Also, as a veteran of this wonderful BATTLE OF THE BANDS  journey, I've been noticing that sometimes, a song -- not a musician -- stands alone. In other words, if you're a reasonable decent musician, you are gonna rock it. Maybe it's the bass line or a great hook, but that song will hold up, no matter the delivery.

The Fabulous Thunderbirds made it famous, but the song is a rocking masterpiece. Who does it best? Can a famous modern day rocker or a bar band do it justice, too? You decide...that's the challenge. And I have to ask:





Vote in the comments and give me your take on the question of the day. Then drop by my good friends' blogs using the links below. We all appreciate it...and we ARE a tough crowd. We're vetted and crowned "tough enough." Amen.

As always, a big thank you (and big prayers folks...keep 'em coming for sweet FAE) to FAE (faraway eyes) for the original creative spark that started what would become the Battle of the Bands and to STEPHEN T. "Dats my Brudder-from-anudder-mudder fo' so' " McCARTHY for hosting and keeping us on track. My personal Battle gets posted on the 1st of each month and results appear magically on the seventh, God willing. Several of the battling buddies post on the 15th also, so make sure you visit and vote. 


  1. BotB first: The song was originally a Fabulous Thunderbirds tune, so naturally theirs will sound good, no question. Even without Jimmie Vaughan, I think Foo Fighters would have done a fine job of it, and I liked the immediacy of Retro Deluxe. In the end, I think the Foo Fighters with Jimmie Vaughan sounded the best, so they geet my vote.

    As to Covid-19 and if we're definitively accomplishing what we set out to do: if we set out to give the media an excuse to scare the shit out of us, and to increase the amount of domestic violence, suicide, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, and other maladies, destroy small businesses and put millions out of work, and watch health care experts and other "scientists" tell us to do one thing, then tell us to do the exact opposite, then yes, I think we have definitely accomplished that. Recently it came to light that, of the roughly 200,000 Covid-19 related deaths we've experienced so far, only 6% are people whose deaths can be completely attributed to the virus, with 94% having other medical conditions (co-morbidities) that contributed just as much, if not more, than the virus, things like obesity, chronic conditions like diabetes, compromised immune systems, old age (the vast majority of deaths happening to people over 65), etc. Now, any death is tragic, and I'm not trying to minimize the suffering that victims or their families have gone through (and incidentally, the victims more often than not died alone, with no family members allowed to visit them), but the odds of getting the virus and having it kill you are very low. Roughly 6 million people in this country have tested positive for the virus (if you believe that number), but that tells us nothing, really: the more people you test, the greater the odds that someone will test positive. If you didn't end up in the hospital (and, remember, we emptied the hospitals to prepare for this massive influx of Covid-19 patients that, as it turned out, never came to pass, with the doctors and nurses making TikTok videos out of boredom), you probably wouldn't. What happened to everyone else? Either they tested positive and they were sick for a couple of weeks, but recovered, or their immune systems were strong enough to overcome the virus. We prepared for a worst-case scenario that never came to pass.

    Now, aren't you sorry you asked? 🤣

    1. I'm not sorry I asked at all! In fact, I thank you for a true answer. Unlike a lot of folks, when I ask for an opinion, I actually want to hear it.

  2. As much as I love Dave Grohl (He's my hero!) I have to give my vote to the Thunderbirds. Fun battle! Hope all is well with you.

    1. It's fine in my humble abode, Mary -- hope you are well, too!

  3. The Thunderbirds win. It's hard to beat the original studio version with a live version. The bar bands' singer sounded good but the music was not there probably because of how it was recorded.

    The 6% of deaths announced by the CDC was a royal screw up probably directed by this screw up administration. The other 94% would not be dead were in not for COVID-19. That's what killed them. Someone with diabetes could have lived another 20 years. Along comes COVID-19 and their dead. COVID killed them. The US has the worst death rate of any country thanks to the orange buffoon. The previous administration had a pandemic plan in place. The orange buffoon dismantled it. He should be charged with 200,000 murders. He's a narcissistic lying conman and it's just beyond belief that people still back him.
    Wear a mask. Doctors have said that if everyone wore a mask this would be gone in 6 to 8 weeks. Wear a mask!

    1. Thank you for your unfiltered opinion -- exactly what I wanted.

    2. Unfortunately, Stephen's links only lead to a bunch of conspiracy theory sites. I love the one where the woman reads from the OSHA site that masks don't protect you. If she had been paying attention to the facts she would have known that masks don't protect you, they protect other people. So when everyone is wearing a mask, everyone is protected. 100 people wearing masks can be be infected by one asshole not wearing one that is asymptomatic and too dumb to realize it.

      200,000 people dead, on our way to 300,000 because of tRUMP and his followers. It's just mind boggling. All the countries with right-wing nut jobs at the helm are having problems. (Warning, snark coming) The only good thing to come from this is there will be fewer right-wingers as they die from COVID-19.

    3. Use mikenet707 for me. That's what I use for my blog.

  4. This song or the Thunderbirds were neither favorites of mine though I will say after not having heard it in a long while it sounded much better to me.

    The latter two contenders did a passable job with the song, but the original by the Fabulous Thunderbirds is the tougher of the three in my opinion. More depth of sound with better vocals. Give my vote to the Thunderbirds.

    AS to your question, if I put it on a personal level I haven't done much of anything I had planned for this year. At the beginning of this year I was very optimistic about what was to come in my life and then it all just went to hell. I guess I've watched more TV if I can consider that an accomplishment. And if you're referring to the national battle against COVID then I don't have much opinion about that part because in my view the whole COVID crisis is basically a scam manufactured by the media, the Democrats, and other global agendists under the auspices of Satan himself. I think things are lining up for a Revelation end time scenario and if that's the case then we are accomplishing God's plan as laid out in Biblical prophecy. I'm not the only one thinking that either. Seems very likely to me. Well, I guess if this is what happens then I'm glad I'm toward the end of my life on Earth anyway (though I guess I could have had another decade or more left--and still may). Whatever happens is what happens and that's just the way it is.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. "Satan himself" rings true with me, Arlee! Thanks for your answer!

  5. Definitely going with Foo Fighters.
    What John said. Besides, we were just to flatten the curve, not stay closed until it's gone.

    1. Boy, you said it, Alex. I'm glad we don't treat common colds this way...also in the corona virus family...also dangerous to folks with co-morbidities...never nailed down a vaccine for those!

  6. The Thunderbirds for me because I love the original sound of this. I don't normally go for extra guitar playing because they can. The last band were good but they are missing that guitar part. I am in wonderful Canada and am so thrilled that most wear a mask when they should. This virus would be so much worse if people didn't listen..um..like, well, you know. I am glad our borders are shut right now and wearing a mask is inconvenient, yes, and I have asthma, but I do it. There are many other things that kill of course but this virus, without the precautions could have caused much, much worse calamities. Now think of the positive...when was the last time you had a regular cold, most people? We have saved money by not shopping for "stuff" and we saved in gas if we had to work from home. We realized how much the caregivers-nurses, doctors etc... do not to mention the cashiers etc..It came to out how much needs to change when it comes to the long term care homes. We go for walks more and enjoy beauty. Yes, other business have been hurt which sucks but this could be so much worse and we don't truly realize that...yet.

    1. As far as the quarantine goes, the family time has been great. We actually like to be around each other, ya know?

  7. I'd have to go with the T-Birds here. As for the other, you know my positions well enough. I can't believe they let Sturgis go on, and now bikers are spreading yet another wave.

  8. PART 1 OF 2:

    First off, your BOTB installment was a goot juan! (as in "goot juan", and also known as "goot juan". Or, in just plain English: "goot juan").

    I like the song - and I liked it by THE FAB T-BIRDS way back when they initially released it. (Yip! I'm an oldie but a goodie.)

    Truthfully, I had never heard of Retro Deluxe before, but... we're all "even-Stephen", because I'm sure they never heard of Stephen T. McCarthy before, either. (Side Note: I'm sure they are nice guys who would buy me a beer at my favorite bar, '3-D: Drinker's Dive Delight' here in Drunksville, USA.)

    Yeah, nice Retro Guys, but I couldn't cast my BOTB bote for 'em.

    I've only heard a very small handful of songs by The Foo Fighters in my overlong life, and this is the FIRST one I've liked. It was pert good... but...

    My BOTB bote goes to the original, FAB T-BIRDS, because they did it first, and because The Foo Fighters didn't do it "mo' better enuf" to steal the song away from the original artist(s). It was pretty much the same song but with more guitar solos. Nuttin' wrong wid dat but... it takes more'n dat to steal a bote from the original creative force responsible for the song's life in "this world".


    1. PART 2 OF 2:

      Now, onto the much more exciting part of this program - the question, "We're wearing masks, keepin' to ourselves, e-chatting and video-scatting through the week. Are we definitively accomplishing what we set out to do?"

      John Holton & Arlee Bird did very good jobs of accurately telling it the way it is. But - you know me - I'm bound to dog-pile on and add some more anger, disgust, and rage... and references. So, hang on, my Sister-From-A-Nutter-Mister, while I "rage against the machine" in Part 2 of my comment...

      I attempted to relocate it but was unable to find it again, so I can't link to it. But someone wrote a covid-666 article titled something like 'The Masses Will Drag Us To Hell'. And that's EXACTLY what I think about this. covid-666 is the second greatest scam ever pulled off against America! The passing of [Link> The Federal Reserve Act in 1913 will never, ever be surpassed; it will remain the #1 scam until the end of "this world" as we currently know it (which will probably be 2029, give or take a year or two).

      The whole coronavirus (covid-666) story has already, many times, been firmly debunked by people 'in the know' who know! It's a worldwide, gigantic global pile of horse-pucky!! And the mask-wearing ain't nuttin' more'n mental conditioning of the gullible, overly-trusting masses (who will drag the rest of us down to hell, if we let 'em).

      There's NO WAY I could find the time to post ALL of the evidence that proves covid-666 and mask-wearing is a massive scam orchestrated by Uncle Scam (and with the tacit approval of our president, Fat Twinkie Trump), but I will provide a smattering of links below for any open-minded, unbiased person to peruse and consider. These sites will take most of the brainwashed, conditioned masses down an intricate and incredible (yet quite true) rabbit hole. These sites are ONLY for the most "Intellectually Honest" Americans amongst us (i.e., maybe 3% of the American population, at best).



      Going much deeper down Alice's rabbit hole now...



      And, lastly, three of my Top Ten favorite sites for learning "True Facts" (as opposed to "Marxist Malarky" and "Globalist Gobbledygook")...

      [Link> NeedToKnow.News

      [Link> The Corbett Report

      [Link> LewRockwell.com

      I am under no delusion that facts and sites I post on the Internet can alter the future. When it comes to the future, "it is written" - and it was "written" by God, our Creator, in The Holy Bible. Everything is happening according to the Biblical Script. NOTHING can stop what "is written". What is going to happen was foretold by The One Creator of everything. I only hope I can turn as many of my brothers and sisters toward the Light of The Truth while there is still a little time left to choose correctly, before the judgment is rendered by "The" Power Who rules "The" Kingdom, and to Whom ALL of "The" Glory is due.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    3. Brudder, I thank you for giving a complete (and referenced!!!) explanation of your stance on this whole nutso CoVid experience. This situation has been used, misused, manipulated, abused, etc. The only question most people debate is by whom?

      The Big Guy wins in the end. No other outcome. God has got this.

  9. Cherdo,

    Oh yeah, I've been a wondering since this whole thing spurred alarmingly off the lips of MSM ponds. A big ole question mark is always left hanging in the air whenever they say anything. Anywho, as you pointed out "God's got this" and you're absolutely right. I don't believe everything I hear but I'm not going t tempt fate. I will use the common sense the Lord gave me. Now onward to your battle at hand. I liked your first and third contenders vocals over the middle easily. I knew it was between those two primarily, so after listening a little more closely I think I'm gonna have to go with The Fabulous Thunderbirds. Very cool name! BTW, congrats on taking first place in the Ft. City Art Show. I'd love to go see your exhibit but my pursonal space issues plus we're taking necessary precautions these days. As I said, no sense to tempt fate but I hope you'll share your art on your site or FB for us to see. Have a blessed Sunday afternoon, dear friend! {{hugs}}

    1. The Art Center requires masks, friend, and there's lots of space -- but go with your gut, I never advise otherwise. Hopefully, this will be over soon!

  10. You posted them in the order of my liking! The Fab T-birds get my vote!

    1. They really are fabulous, their whole vibe. I've always loved them. Thanks, Mike!


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